Galaxy Note 3 for Verizon shown using tethering free of charge

October 16, 2013

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Have a Galaxy Note 3? Want to tether it? Sure you do. Tethering can come in really handy when you least expect to need it, but can be a bit costly. Some carriers charge $15/month or more for tethering, which is a bit pricey -- especially if you just need to do it intermittently. A new workaround for the Galaxy Note 3 lets you use the device for tethering, and looks as though it may be free!

By doing little more than downloading an app and starting the tethering process, you can use your massive smartphone to connect other devices to the internet. In the video below, you’re shown exactly what it takes, and how to achieve it easily. You’ll also be shown it working to gain a Macbook access to the web.

While this was done with a Verizon Note 3, there was no word as to whether it was exclusive to that device. Verizon was locked into a dispute regarding tethering last year, they have since settled that issue which pertained to their blocking of tethering apps. This could be an effect of that, but we don’t know yet.

Whatever the case, check out the video below. There is no rooting required, and no obscure method for obtaining tethering. It’s really as simple as it sounds, but look for Verizon to close this loophole as quickly as possible.
[youtube TUhlXiAE3q0]

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  • litobirdy

    free yes but still willl eat up tiered data then. Great for unlimited data

    • javed

      but the new note 3 has an audio and sound quality problems..very disappointing that i had to return n switch it for a new phone twice in one week..still has the same problem..hate this phone now.

  • Andy_in_Indy

    Tethering is included on all family share plans at Verizon for no additional cost.

    • NOTE 3

      Gotta love being wallet raped by billionaires.

  • Foosa Noble

    Fox fi app does it . I have been using it on my note2 for over a year now I’m grandfathered into unlimited data and I use it to connect my tablets. No fees.. The fox fi app is awesome!
    I must use close to 6 gigs a month on average….

    • NOTE 3

      60gb a month here.

  • droi_d

    Works on my GS 4 as well. Thanks.

  • toy