We have some excellent news for all those enjoying the popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus up in Canada. It looks like the flagship Nexus device is finally getting the much anticipated and awaited update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google announced it back in June and said it would arrive mid July — which it did for the international version. Carrier branded models sadly have waited a bit longer and Verizon’s is completely missing in action.

This news comes as both good and bad news. The good news is almost every Galaxy Nexus has finally been updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean just as Google’s intended. The bad news is Verizon is still doing what they do best — which is taking outright forever to get this done.

The original international Galaxy Nexus was first to be updated, then the version from the Play Store started shipping with 4.1 Jelly Bean. Then the Now Network who received the Galaxy Nexus months and months after Verizon somehow managed to beat them to the punch. It’s now been a few more weeks and everyone up in Canada is being treated to the same lovely update. Folks using the Galaxy Nexus on Rogers, FIDO, and TELUS have all started or are about to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and all that buttery smooth performance and Google Now. Sadly us folks using Verizon are still twiddling our thumbs.

This update has been a little slow considering this is a Google Experience device, as most “Nexus” branded devices get updates rather quickly. However Verizon users still aren’t so lucky. Verizon was the exclusive US launch partner of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, yet all we have is a few leaks and not a word on a release date. Hopefully someone from Samsung or Verizon can answer some questions, because we have a few!

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  • i love Verizons signal quaity but they are fucking dicks when it comes to software updates

    • BorisValusek

      see everybody goes on and on about their signal.. i think it’s bad. they have the coverage but signal itself is bad.

    • Seth

      Well said.

    • Euroskank CM10 ftw!

  • jon

    I’m in canada and no 4.1 hopefully tomorrow

  • Scott

    Hi, How will this happen in Canada? Does your service provider send the update and you agree to the JellyBean update?

  • BorisValusek


    I have 4.1 by flashing JRO03O few days ago but i really can’t wait for my contract to expire and switch to Tmobile

  • galaxy

    frickin Verizon , get your buttholes in gear and give us the update!

  • Eye4Detail

    This next song goes out to our carrier. It’s called We Hate You, Please Die.

  • viperstrike

    VERIZON the jazz hole of the cell phone industry. VERIZON SUCKS

  • IPhone 5 won’t have this problem 😀

    • bob

      Chris your i phone alone is taking forever to come out, Samsung is a least 1 year ahead of the iphone. monkey!

      • phathands

        Good thing he’s not black or that would be racist.

      • Why.


  • bob

    verizon sucks ass, this will some day bit them in the ass!!!!

  • You bunch of slackers over at Verizon need to hurry up. Seriously, how can you suck so bad?

  • phathands

    If I didn’t have unlimited LTE on Verizon I would be over to T-mobile so quickly; it’s shocking just how many places Verizon has LTE deployed. Sometimes I wish they would take it away just so I could be free of them.

    It’s like having a girlfriend with awesome massive tits that is a complete bitch otherwise. You hate her but know you won’t get those anywhere else ever.

  • galaxy nexus on wind mobile

    I have a galaxy nexus on wind mobile and have atill not got any updates, im on 4.0.2.
    Btw im from canada.

  • Why

    To those who keep bashing Verizon. Get a life and switch to another provider! Dang! Thank you.

  • Nexxis Lexxis

    I don’t know what this article is talking about?!?! It’s November 10, 2012 and FIDO/Rogers has not pushed JB thus far. My phone is an unlocked Galaxy Nexus I9250TDVLF1. I am sitting on Android 4.04. The provider is convincing me that the update must come from the manufacturer (Samsung). Rolling eyes…