Real nerds love docks. They make it so much easier to safely use a navigation app in a car, and instantly smarten up any desktop. Google and Samsung gave us a brief look at the desk and car docks for the Galaxy Nexus during the Hong Kong unveiling event, but now UK retailer MobilFun has given them a proper hands-on. They’re nothing mind-blowing, but it’s good to see that Samsung is going forward with the plans anyway.

There’s four docks on offer. The first is the standard car dock, which apes HTC’s design from the original Nexus One dock with wrap-around plastic and charging via the Galaxy Nexus’ electrical contacts. Next comes the basic desktop dock, which again uses the electrical contacts to charge and sync with a computer. A battery charger dock will hold the Galaxy Nexus up while charging a spare battery. And finally the HDMI dock holds the phone in Portrait mode while adding a mini-HDMI port for HDTV viewing. Check each of them out in the demonstration videos below:

There’s no information on availability for any of the accessories, but they’ll probably be hitting the UK soon enough. Who knows when or if Samsung/Verizon will bring them to the US. In any case, Verizon’s LTE model may need redesigned accessories to accommodate its extra bulk. Here’s hoping that the Galaxy Nexus itself and its various docks make it to a retailer near you soon.

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[via Phandroid]

  • Anonymous

    I can’t be the only person who hates landscape docks. Virtually everything on Android is optimized for portrait orientation, so why does every manufacturer keep designing these phones for horizontal docks? It makes absolutely no sense.

    Look at the images here! The home screen doesn’t even support landscape mode! The phone is just sideways! What on earth are they thinking?

    • Tylose

      That’s why there is a car mode.

  • nicotinic

    I think the spare battery charger dock should actually charge the phone. It should also hold it securely…
    The other docks are cool.

  • Frank

    when do we see the extra battery & phone charging dock here in the US? currently not on samsung’s website under mobile accessories.