Galaxy Nexus could be at Best Buy November 27, 2011

November 21, 2011

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The Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to have surfaced in a leak from a Best Buy flier. Best Buy terms the Galaxy Nexus as part of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone line, and even calls it the "Samsung Nexus Prime". It seems silly that Best Buy would leave out T-Mobile's Galaxy S II and even the AT&T Skyrocket in the flier. Whether or not it will still be called the Galaxy Nexus by other carriers is still unknown.

Though we still don't know when the phone will be available on other carriers, this evidence displays that "prices [are] good for all Best Buy mobile stores from 11/27/11 to 12/25/11". This may mean that the Galaxy Nexus will be available and priced by the 27th, or just as reddit user ihaveagalaxyprobem (how fitting) said, "they (the fliers) could have been made before Verizon finalized a date".

Either way, we now understand Best Buy and Verizon will be calling the device the Samsung Nexus Prime. The time it has taken for an actual Galaxy Nexus release date has been way too long. We are all together in this prolonged wait and I'm ready to buy mine now, how about you?

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  • First

    Haha, yes I did that, cant believe no one else is on this yet.

  • Jibber

    And why are we watermarking a photo that is public and has been posted on every other Android site already?

    • Sam Koutroulakis

      What watermark? 😀 Thanks lol.


  • Let me know when the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus shows up at Best Buy. Then I can upgrade from my T-Mo Nexus S. It’d be even better if said version was available November 27th as well. Unlikely, I know, but a guy can dream can’t he?

  • Will Verizon shut up and take my money already? My OG Droid needs to be replaced.

  • Lets just get one thing straight here… if the accuracy of the release date is questionable due to the flyer possibly being printed before Verizon finalized a date, what makes you able to say with certainty that the name Nexus Prime is set in stone?

    I would say, if anything, the alternate name on this flyer only speaks to the high likelihood this flyer is presently invalid.

  • Teelia

    There have already been Verizon accessories sold under the name Galaxy Nexus. I just wish they would get this phone out & available. I’m glad if BB will be selling it though, I have a gift card to use for this baby!

  • Jordan

    As a graphic designer, we often receive outdated copy from the clients and things get printed that are incorrect. And then it’s a scramble to fix things last minute.

    I’m going to go ahead an assume the flyer is a misprint and is incorrect. I think a more valid source would be: – which continues to call it Galaxy Nexus.

  • LostInThoughtNYC

    WTF!!!  AT&T is REALLY pissing me off.  First every city in the corn belt gets LTE before NYC….and now they won’t give any word on IF and WHEN  they will selling the Nexus…. total bs! 

    Anyone else feel my pain or am I totally alone in this????

    • Anonymous

      dude maybe read around a little bit. That’s on VZW since they have at least limited US exclusivity. AT&T can’t announce or carry it until its been on VZW for an undisclosed amount of time. Also being that its AT&T you could just import the international version. It will be significantly more expensive but at least you have an option, unlike VZW customers like myself.

  • Enoel69

    Personally i prefer the name NEXUS PRIME (hope the GSM version in the states will be called that)..with an emphasis on the NEXUS first instead of Samsung trying to put an emphasis on Galaxy following their line of Galaxy devices. When HTC made the Nexus One they did not try to insert their naming on the device instead they made another device kind of similar spec wise..the HTC Desire. Google should assert more control on their devices…yes they partner with OEMs to make these devices but things like naming, when the device is released and which networks to carry said device must be spear headed by them. 
    [on a side note…can’t stress enough on Google making the 32GB G-Nex model readily available since it comes without an SD card expansion slot…that will help with all the fence sitters mad about the SD card omission again this time]

  • Dids

    The Galaxy Nexus is a Verizon Exclusive, at least for now. If AT&T is going to sell it, you won’t know for awhile.

  • Enoel69

    One more thing…this device has all the necessary bands to play nice with Tmobile 3G/HSPA+, so Google when are we gonna see it on Tmo shelves or at least on Best buy shelves???? I would say among the big four carriers…Tmo needs this the most. The other three of the big four have a big draw in the 4S and Verizon already have a fantastic line up…the G-Nex should be Tmo magnet device.

  • Yoyodl

    Hmmmm, would any retailer actually launch a product on a Sunday (11/27/11) — from their previous track record I believe major launches occur on a Thursday….just sayin’