Last night we had a glimpse at a Best Buy flyer that may have been quite outdated. It seems Samsung has now confirmed the U.S. launch of device will certainly be in December. I'm sorry folks, but there is still no word on the actual day or price. The DROID RAZR debuted on Verizon for $299.99, so my guess is it will be fairly similar.

With the Europe already having access to GSM models of the Galaxy Nexus, we know it's coming! There are only a couple reasons I assume they are putting us through this prolonged wait. One, there being a few issues with the hardware/software they are trying to work out. Two, like HiHoAg said in our forums, they may be lobbying to throw in some good ol' Verizon bloatware.

No one wants to receive their precious Galaxy Nexus with any problems at all, so lets just stick it out and be glad when it gets here. Hopefully with no bloatware.

Also, be sure to check out our official Samsung Galaxy Nexus review and hands-on via SlashGear - just to remind you how much we need it!

EDIT: Samsung responded to our inquiry with no "official" comments from Samsung.

[via Business Insider]

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  • HutchMCMLXXV

    Google is shooting themselves in the foot by continually delaying the launch of the Galaxy Nexus in the US.  People are getting tired of the BS and are just buying other phones like the RAZR and they’ll just wait for the ICS update to come later.  This is a horrendously bad job by both Google and Samsung to delay this device.

  • Anonymous

    Let them flush out the bugs before they release it here.

  •   Hutch, I don’t think the issue is Google here. I think it’s Verizon. The more conservative point of view would say that Verizon is stumbling through testing. The conspiracy theorist in me says that they are trying to shoehorn bloatware into the phone or are trying to force the Razr/ Rezound down our throats cause they make more money off of them (because of said bloatware.)
      As it stands my OG Droid is on it’s last legs. I’m eligible for an upgrade on 12/7. The only thing keeping me on Verizon is that I’m grandfathered into unlimited data so if they haven’t given us a date by then I’ll likely go back (grudgingly) to an iphone.

  • Joe

    Didn’t Samsung “confirm” that it was to be released in November?  My wait for this phone ends one way or the other on December 9th.