Good news, folks: there's one more place you can get the Galaxy Nexus that isn't America. Engadget reports that retailers across Germany have jumped the gun and started selling the Galaxy Nexus early. Availability is still a little shaky - it looks like some outlets are offering the unlocked GSM version and some aren't, though Media Mart is reportedly a reliable place to find it.

Prices vary from €529- €629 (about $713-$847), but it's not clear if that's simply retailer variation or a different price for the 16GB and 32GB models. None of the local carriers in Germany are offering subsidized versions, but if you live in the UK you've got an embarrassment of riches in that area. Vodafone is now offering the Galaxy Nexus on contract, being the fourth carrier to do so, behind O2, Orange and T-Mobile. In the UK you can now purchase the phone from all major carriers or "unlocked".

Meanwhile in Google's home country, Android fans continue to stew over Verizon's total lack of communication concerning the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone. Though leaks and rumors are rampant (lately December 8th and 11th is favored) there's still been no official word on a release or even a pre-order. Livid customers are beginning to flood Verizon with Twitter and Facebook messages, demanding a release and expressing their frustration every time the company sends out a marketing message. Observe:

If you're sick of waiting, have about eight hundred dollars and want to use AT&T or T-Mobile, you could always order an import model from Expansys. Because at this point, Verizon clearly does not want your business.

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  • Another Lost Sale

    Nope i’m done with the games. I along with everyone else have been waiting forever for a launch of this phone. I’ve waited just long enough for the U.K to get it. Canada and Japan to actually get a release date (which is more than I can say for the U.S.) But i’m not waiting anymore. Not when they do not even have the decency to even communicate to their customers about a release date. “will be available later this year” and then the sign up page for information where I didn’t even get a single e-mail with information that has to do with the Galaxy Nexus, are you kidding me Verizon? I’d leave you in a heart beat if the other carriers didn’t have such spotty coverage where I live. Just wait till the other carriers catch up, I’m sure there will be a bunch of people jumping ship. Samsung isn’t innocent in this either, why bother giving a carrier an exclusive if they aren’t even bothering to release your product in a timely manner. You were better off releasing it to Tmobile, Sprint, AT&T, etc instead of making those people wait for a month or two after the mythical Verizon release. Think of how much of a missed opportunity you’ve had? Black Friday, the Apple IPhone 4S with its minor upgrade, etc. I went out and got an HTC Rezound, and you know what? I couldn’t be happier. It has a faster Processor speed at 1.5 ghz vs 1.2 ghz. The shutter speed on the camera may not be zero shutter lag but its pretty close to it. It has a micro sd card slot thats expandable up to 32 GB after it already comes with 16 GB of internal memory which the galaxy nexus doesn’t support (the micro sd card that is). I can also use it as a Mass Storage Device to move files back and forth which comes in pretty handy if you’re at work with a locked down computer where you can’t just install drives for your device something the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support. Ice Cream Sandwich? I can wait a month or two for the update not a big deal. Finally the biggest thing the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support is a release date!

    • Rezound Owner :)

      Hey, same here. Btw, the “zero shutter lag” kinda sucks on the nexus, from what I’ve seen it just means that the camera will still take a photo even if the camera is not focused. If you go to your settings in the rezound camera and turn picture review to “no review” or w/e it will just stay on the camera screen and u can take nearly instant back to back pictures.