It’s a well known fact that Motorola has plans for smartphones and tablets featuring the NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 processor. First thought to be a Verizon exclusive under the DROID name, it is now not only believed to be coming to AT&T, but hitting the network before Verizon with a January launch date.

However, this could be for some very beneficial reasons. The Verizon handset, currently code named Etna, is expected to hit Verizon in February or March of next year and will fully ready for it’s 4G LTE network.

The AT&T version (internally known as the Olympus) is getting early impressions mentioning that it is “very fast, and the new screen is beautiful.” These two next-gen devices are sure going to be impressive. From the ultra fast and power saving Tegra 2 to the new screen we can expect these to join the Nexus S as the top devices of early 2011.

[Via BGR]

  • TareX

    This screen better rival the SAMOLED(2?) on the Nexus S…. I’m already bummed that the Nexus S will be a T-Mobile exclusive….

  • Tegraengeneer

    i think that this phone will rival the iPhone 5, but then again, who has a better chance of being correct. im only a apple engeeeneer

  • Jimmy Dingo

    Anxiously awaiting for Verizon whenever.