Froyo now available for Vibrant on Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel

December 10, 2010

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Today we have some good news for eager owners of the Samsung Vibrant on the Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel networks. The Froyo OTA download is now available to install on your devices.

A tweet from the company's official Twitter stated that the upload is now available, however, no word yet on when we will be seeing the update come to T-Mobile Vibrant users.

We are pleased to announce Froyo is now available for the Galaxy S Vibrant devices from Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel:

The upgrade process will be the same as most Samsung devices and for those who would like the step-by-step instructions, be sure to check out Samsung's Android 2.2 Upgrade Procedure for Vibrant page.

[Via Twitter]

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  • jbag

    the update has seemingly been buggy for alot of people. I myself had issues after the update was complete. weird vibrating and flashing screen… factory default load should take care of it. but yay! finally…

  • I just updated, funny thing.

    I was in such a mindset that we would never get it, that when we finally got it I wasn’t even aware of it haha.

    After the update the phone seems to have more lag then 2.1 however I just did a factory reset to see if that will increase the speed of the device now.

  • Marie

    And why do T-Mobile users have to wait???

  • Mike

    is this the exact same version as the one that was leaked not long ago?

  • Kyle

    Where in the heck is gingerbread? Froyo is old news now! Samsung dropped the ball on that one. Definately the biggest pos company ever.

  • Eric

    Yeah Why does T- mobile users have to wait I’ve been waiting almost three months to get that update.

  • Robbie

    Why am I not surprised? Tmo or Samsung just quit the BS and tell us we are not getting it period.

  • Vibrant2.2 :(

    Why is it that the vibrant has yet to see the froyo update i am quite upset because i was told all the way back in nov that mobile vibrant was getting the update soon this is ridiculous.

  • Jknox87

    I have been a loyal T Mo customer for years and I think it’s bull that I spent a ton on this “super amazing” Galaxy S phone and cant even get the next to latest update on it

  • Randy

    Well Samsung has lost ANY of my future dollars, I rather go with HTC which got froyo ASAP.