FreedomPop, who recently offered up the HTC Evo 4G for service on their network, has added another interesting feature. The service, which works on the Sprint network, is now open to those with compliant devices to enjoy all that FreedomPop has to offer. With service being offered at a low cost, and even free, it’s an enticing service. There are a few distinguishing caveats, though.

First, not all Sprint devices will work, though FreedomPop doesn’t make that known up-front. You have to first jump through a few hoops on the signup page, going so far as to enter your phone’s MEID number before knowing if you’re able to take advantage. Also, you have to be a Sprint customer or have a Sprint phone, as no others will work on their CDMA network.

Also, the service is probably not robust enough for power users. Though they do offer a $7.99/month plan, it comes with 500 voice minutes, 500MB data, and unlimited texting. The $10.99/month plan gives you unlimited calling, but keeps the data from the lower-tier plan. The free plan is attractive for those who don’t need much from a cell plan, offering 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB data.

If you have a Sprint device, this is a great way to activate it for free, or next to nothing. Sprint’s coverage is far from ideal, but in metropolitan areas it’s probably okay. FreedomPop notes it has an unlimited plan in the press release, but the website is a bit more opaque about what they offer. For those who don’t need much, FreedomPop is definitely something to consider.

VIA: Android Guys

SOURCE: PR Newswire

  • betam4x

    Stay away from this company, they are the worst. See my review:

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Some reports and recent orders has been backed up due to large demand. They went from 10-30k to over 200k+ requests and purchasers since BYOD. Give them a break! If they lose customers, we lose this freemium innovation which can help us paying customers lose this option or this company.

      • karinaq

        I’ve been using it for about six weeks and it’s been fine.

      • Pierre Miranda

        What service you have been using. Is it the fremium service you are using with the HTC evo design 4g call and texting quality acceptable.

      • karinaq

        Yes – the freemium service with the Evo Design. It’s actually my daughter who uses it. The call quality is very good, but there is sometimes a slight delay before I hear her voice. The connection is always clear and there have been no dropped calls. Text quality has been great (but she can’t send or receive pictures/videos in texts).

      • Pierre Miranda

        Thanks karinaq for your answer it was really helpful.

      • pton

        hi, I bought pre-own the HTC EVO 4G on CL. I as able to add the device even though I don’t see it in from my account -> devices. I still not able to get any services. The customer rep told me to wait for 48hrs. Is this similar with your experience? kindly repsonse to

      • karinaq

        I bought my phone from FreedomPop and didn’t have this problem. But I am unfortunately having other problems now – the phone will not make or receive calls, so I’m going back to my old service.