Foursquare, the ever popular social check-in application, has just seen an update bringing in a new Trophy Case, speed improvements and lots of polish.

The update, released yesterday, was a small update, but fixes and general improvements are always welcome.

The official change log is as follows:

  • New trophy case for badges
  • Source attribution appears in checkin items in Friends tab
  • Popular tip shown in post-checkin dialog.

Again nothing groundbreaking, but a needed update to a popular application.

[Via Foursquare]

  • Anonymous

    Why do I never get to be “mayor” of a place when I am the ONLY one who has checked in as many as 17 times? I should think that the sheer volume of my check-ins would automatically be noted as proclaiming me as mayor. After all, I don’t want to be the Master of the Universe. 🙂