If you hadn’t noticed, most of the hardware in Honeycomb tablets looks a little similar. Since they’re all running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset, and we’ve already seen the Transformer and Xoom overclocked. We knew it was only a matter of time, and now XDA member, pershoot, has a preview of a kernel which allows overclocking of the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1

The kernel isn’t necessarily ready for general consumption, but reports in the forum sound like the kernel is running stably for many of the users on the forum. The kernel is capable of being overclocked to 1.4 GHz, not quite as high as the Xoom or Transformer, but we might see stable kernels at higher speeds grow off of this initial attempt.

At 1.4 GHz the Tab 10.1 is able to run some of the heavier tasks, like games, HD videos and Flash more smoothly. The Tab is no slouch, with its dual-core Tegra 2 helping it fly most of the time. There are times occasionally though where lag does rear its ugly head (like the keyboard for instance). If you’re never satisfied and willing to take some risks with your ClockWorkMod Recovery flashed Tab 10.1, backup and follow pershoot’s instruction to pump some extra speed out of that Tegra 2.

[via XDA]

  • The lag is caused by the Samsung keyboard.  Simply swapping it for Thumb Keyboard removes the majority of the lag.  Once the GT gets TouchWiz 4.0 and VChat support (Skype…..please!), which may come with 3.2 in July, it may be the best tablet on Earth.  It is a sexy beast already.

    p.s.  I’m taking the lack of microSD into account.  The GT has that much potential which can easily be realized.

    • John Scheible

      I actually don’t use the Samsung keyboard, I have used SwiftKey X but usually use the stock HC one. I have to agree with you though, the GTab 10.1 is probably the best Android tablet out there, especially considering who Samsung managed to squeeze it all into such a thin package