Facebook appears to be pushing a new update for Android users. The catch here, the update is apparently not coming from the Play Store. Based on what we are seeing, this Facebook update is talking about adding some new and seemingly expected features such as being able to change your profile picture as well as being able to download files without notification.

Yes, you did read that last bit correctly. According to the details, the update will allow the app to “download files without notification.” That is one of the device access permissions. There isn’t specific mention as to what files the app would be downloading, or why they would need to do this without your permission. The changelog however, does give some detail. It notes that you will be able to “get app updates automatically over Wi-Fi.”


We understand some may prefer to not get these automatic updates, but it appears as if you are being locked in. Brad Linder from Liliputing has stated that once you have been offered the option to download this new version, you will be reminded with notifications until you either update or remove Facebook from your phone.

As you can see from those screen captures, one of the options is to uninstall the app. Otherwise, aside from what has been mentioned, this update will also bring the option to hide stories and report spam in the News Feed and also allow for fewer taps when starting a group message. Our handsets have yet to show this update, anyone seeing it yet?

[via Liliputing]

  • maj

    Well, that’s the end of Facebook on my phone! Just uninstalled.

    • mikeGsays

      I’m about to uninstall that garbage app too, I can literally sit there and watch the updating circle animation spin for minutes before giving up hope, and my damn photos won’t upload now while on WiFi, have to kill it and uploads zoom through on LTE…. how ridiculous! Friendcaster isn’t the best, but it sure is the best alternative right now

  • There’s always Friendcaster.

  • Scott Barowsky

    i wonder if they are trying to come out with some version of instant upload like google + has and thats why they need the permission to download files (photos) without permission

    • The android app already has instant upload without this auto update garbage

      • Scott Barowsky

        didnt know that man between this and them removingthe ability to not pop up when someone searches your name is garbage

  • Yes, here in the UK getting it, the notification is annoying as hell and I can’t make it stop. Probably what pushes me over the edge to uninstall

  • I just received the notification on my Galaxy Tab 2, but haven’t gotten it on my Android 4.1 smartphone….

  • Steve Fey

    Y’know, all you have to do is block non playstore apps on your device and nothing can install without your knowledge. What is with people, anyway, so at the mercy of the big evil corporations? (sarcasm there)

    • Crankintopwater69

      Cool.Going to settings now.

    • Matthew

      cheers, he is right I have the options ticked off but hmmm

    • Crankintopwater69

      Here Steve,have a piece of

    • Dan Buchal

      Steve I think you are missing the point. You can prevent non play store apps from being installed… but that’s not going to stop Facebook from hounding you to do so. Basically if you don’t choose to update you will be stuck with an old version. It’s awfully suspicious that they are pushing the update from outside of the play store to begin with.

  • Robert Le Blah

    It’s been hitting me for several days. I’ve not applied it, and probably won’t.

  • DustoMan

    This is a horrible idea. Average Facebook users should not be encouraged to open downloads from outside Google Play.

  • Aleem Qureshi

    i got the notification but did not authorize the download, but lo and behold the apk had been downloaded to my sd card irregardless. I was not happy, i have since uninstalled and posted a negative review on the playstore. This simply is not acceptable by any means especially considering nowhere in the playstore description or permissions is this auto download mentioned.

  • Adam Howard

    Nagging me with notifications the past two hours? You’ve convinced me to uninstall, Facebook.

  • CA


  • Bob

    Yes got that about a week ago on my hox+ I no longer have facebook installed on my phone thank you facebook

  • randomian93

    Yes you either have to install the update or uninstall the app although if you want you can hit the cancel button and not install it

  • Liaw Kim Poh

    I wonder if it will work if you didn’t tick the “unknown sources” in security setting

  • JCAndroid87

    I saw Facebook trying to install update but not through the Play Store so I was like he’ll no your getting disabled so I did. Lol

  • Usaamah Gill

    *yawn* facebook app is horribly integrated. Push notifications for the app are almost constantly running, I just access fb from my phones browser whenever I need it, its faster than the app, more functional, and I dont have to deal with running processes etc