Ex Microsoft man Steven Sinofsky uses an HTC One

May 30, 2013

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As each big player in the mobile and technology world takes the stage at the D11 conference, we learn something neat and new. For those wondering just who Steven Sinofsky is, well, he's the former President of Windows over at Microsoft. One who left in November of last year, and now has no problem announcing that he uses an Android device, not Windows Phone.

While talking on stage during a quick interview at AllThingsD's D11 conference he had a lot to say about computers, Windows 8, and of course smartphones. With mobile being a huge, and what we'd consider leading and cutting edge of computing these days, it's something worth talking about.

When asked about Google and Apple, and who is "doing it right" Sinofsky said, "The whole tech industry is delivering a ton of innovation, something we all lose sight of." Then to dial down his true thoughts and get a real answer they pressed a bit harder on stage and what followed was pretty epic.

Sinofsky held up an HTC One and said "we're all HTC One users these days." Then the interview continued back and forth between Google and Android, and he even went as far as to say "Android is great" and that he loved the openness. While his comments on future PC's being in "sealed cases" might make PC users angry, his comments and loyalty to Android should make plenty happy.

Could we see Sinofsky working for Google or HTC in the future? That would be a twist. More details on this awesome interview can be found at the source link below.

SOURCE: AllThingsD

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  • Steven Sinofsky

    The comment was made in the context of a couple of previous interviewees that had HTC One and additionally that I had previously used an iPhone and other competitive products. it was not a general statement.

    • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther

      Hello Steven. Thanks for the comment, we’ll surely update the article. 😉

      Rock that HTC One. Those front speakers and Android are awesome!

      • roncerr

        It’s been a week. When were you going to update it?

  • microlith

    PCs in sealed cases are a threat to anyone who wants to have control over their information. We’re already seeing control being stolen by locked down tablets and phones, so I suppose it’s not a shock to see those higher up in the industry planning to kill anything they can’t control completely.

    Openness means nothing when you can’t actually take advantage of it.