EVO 4G Price Drop to $99 on Amazon

January 17, 2011

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So you're thinking about grabbing a big fat phone but you don't know which one's the best at a $100 price point? Perhaps you'd like to take a glance right on over here? The EVO 4G, for sale on Amazon, has had a price shift from $199 all the way down to $99. The price on the Sprint website remains the same.

You can either grab the White or the Black and have an equally rock and roll time clicking and swiping and... do people still play Angry Birds? Throwing birds around. This sale, a good hypothesis would be, is in reaction to the oncoming EVO 4G SHIFT sales. Blast them off the shelves!

[Via UW View]

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  • Ron Peterson

    For NEW customers. $179 for existing customers

  • Wag

    wag bags!!!

  • Spider Pib

    First of all!!!

  • Nano-Oil.com

    This is just a come on the price is $179.00 for upgrade,
    Penalize a 9 years faithful customer,
    Love Sprint but not the A–H–E associated with them,
    Bought my first EVO at Radio Shack Great deal $200.00 + taxes on full price OUCH !
    4 days later they dropped it to $99.00 and refuse to refund the difference,
    I despise Radio Shack, can’t even buy a simple resistor any more, there is nothing left of its legacy.