Evernote fires back at Keep, signs partnership with Deutsche Telekom

March 25, 2013

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Today Evernote has been in the news more than a few times. After Google launched their note competitor last week, Google Keep, we've been seeing plenty mentions of the note-taking app. Today they have two things they've announced in what looks to be a fire back at Google. For one they released an awesome update with tons of new features, and now we've learned they signed an exclusive deal with Deutsche Telekom to improve their international presence.

Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, has just signed what we're being told is an exclusive and strategic partnership deal with Evernote. Something that aims to bring the service's premium features to millions of DT users. The folk at Evernote are hoping this new strategy will help improve their international presence, and in return, international growth.

According to the press announcement Evernote will be giving the nearly 37 million Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile users in Germany Evernote Premium service absolutely free for an entire year. Not to mention DT has over 22 million fixed-line customers, which will also be offered the same free premium subscription to Evernote.

For those curious what all comes with premium, you can start by clicking here. This will give all DT users in Germany access to Pin lock, larger files and bigger notes, faster image recognition, offline features, bigger faster uploads, and of course no ads or promotion material. So far we haven't heard any additional details, but hopefully T-Mobile users here in the US get to enjoy the same benefits. It looks like Evernote isn't afraid, and will continue to improve and push forward.

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  • paulikxp

    This might convince some T Mobile customers to use Evernote but what about all the others? In my eyes that’s not a very clever move. I like the simplicity of Keep and does exactly what I expect from a note taking app. Evernote is way too heavy for simple tasks

  • Daniel Winchester

    Google might have trouble convincing users to switch to they’re product now considering they might drop it in a few months if they don’t think they have enough users (ex. Google reader).