EverDock reaches Kickstarter funding goal, coming soon to charge any device

September 19, 2013

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Some products are so ingenious and yet at the same time so obvious that it makes one wonder why it hasn't been done before. One such product is EverDock, a universal charging dock for Android and Apple devices that combines utility and beauty in one small package.

The motivation behind EverDock is quite simple: people find it inconvenient to fumble with cords to charge their smartphones and tablets before the battery reaches a critically low level. EverDock's solution is equally simple: provide a stable dock that can be used with one hand and be stylish and aesthetic enough that people would want to use it and put it everywhere they need.

And beautiful it is indeed, sporting an aluminum design that matches the premium look of most smartphones and tablets these days. But, of course, EverDock's selling point is that it can charge any smartphone or tablet. While it does come with a micro-USB cable that should fit a lot of Android devices, EverDock also lets users easily use their own charging cables should compatibility be a problem.

EverDock will come in two flavors, the plain single slot dock and an EverDock Duo that can support two devices with two independent cables. Now that the campaign has reached its funding goal, with 27 days to spare, it will be just a matter of waiting before the product arrives, which is scheduled to ship to backers before the year ends.

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  • HolyFreakingCrap

    This thing looks like its more of a pain in the ass to use then a standard cord. Swapping the cords out for each device would get old quick.

    • Mort

      *than a standard cord.

  • Cameron Gibbs

    Hi HolyFreakingCrap. My name is Cameron and I work for FŪZ Designs, creators of the EverDock. We created the EverDock for users that change smartphones (from one year to the next) without having to buy a new dock. If you want to charge multiple devices, we created the EverDock Duo. I hope this helps. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify.