ESPN shows off Google Glass in the NFL

July 15, 2013

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While we wait for pre-season to get under way the folks from ESPN are having a little bit of fun with Google's latest innovation. That being Google Glass of course. We've seen it in operating rooms, at Tennis championships, and now we're getting a eye-to-eye look at NFL Quarterbacks throwing lasers passes to their wide receivers.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super excited for two things next year. That being my Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl, and Google Glass launching to the public. Now that you know I'm a Packers fan, don't get mad, just read on below to see how ESPN thinks technology like Google Glass could change sports.

ESPN's Katie Linendoll recently visited the St. Louis Rams during training camp and put Google Glass on QB Sam Bradford, and newly signed rookie Tavon Austin to bring us some first-hand footage of what it looks like throwing and catching a pigskin in the NFL. The short video is pretty brief, but gives us a few neat angles as we see what a QB sees. Take a peek below.

[youtube i_eqxf85ex8]

Obviously this is a prototype from Google, and something no NFL player would actually use while in-game, nor would the NFL allow it. However, Rams own General Manager tried on a pair and went as far as to say this could be the future of the NFL. Imagine an NFL Network paid subscriber getting first-person views of their favorite QB throwing that winning touchdown. I'm sold. Let me watch the man Aaron Rodgers throw back shoulder fades to Randall Cobb right from my living room. Yes please.

A big part of the NFL is training, learning routes, and not making mistakes. I'd hate to see players have this at their disposal for running routes being displayed in a heads-up-display, but it certainly would make the game interesting. It's a fun quick video so check it out and leave us your comments below.

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  • jnffarrell1

    Great training aid. Horse whisperers like Charlie Weiss will be able to get into quarterbacks’ heads and fix game-day behavior by thursday’s practice.

    • Or Rex Ryan throwing f words at Sanchez after another INT

  • Christopher Robert

    If they put these in helmets it is going to CHANGE THE GAME. This might make a lot of pro-sports way more fun to watch again. Think about seeing hockey through the goalies eyes. Crazy!