ESPN rebrands ScoreCenter app as SportsCenter, ties it into show

November 21, 2013

Do you remember the ESPN Scorecenter app? If you don’t, be glad. It was clunky, confusing, and just not well designed. It also wasn’t supported very well, leading many to think ESPN had forgotten about it. They didn’t, and have relaunched it as SportsCenter, pinching the name from their ubiquitous daily show.

Gladly, it’s also been redesigned. The once muddled interface is now cleaner, and usability is also said to be smoother. No more getting stuck in dark corners, then having to force close and restart the app. It’s also got a lighter color scheme, ditching the drab melancholy from the previous version. It is, dare we say, HOLO. It's not available on the Play Store just yet, but reports suggest it's on its way.

What it kept from the older variant was all the good stuff. We can still track teams, and video highlights are still there. The goal of the new app, according to ESPN Digital Media SVP Ryan Spoon is to be a “very strong relate of the TV show.” That’s why the refreshed app so closely ties in with ESPN on-air personalities, showing their tweets.

The app also works closely wight he WatchESPN app, which brings live TV games to your mobile device, as well as previously aired content. Of course, ESPN doesn’t air every game, but that’s not their concern. Their focus is sports, and that’s what they want to give users. Like the popular TV show, the SportsCenter app wants to be your go-to source for news and highlights. This time around, it just might be.

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  • ddpacino

    I must be in the minority. I love the new interface the app got within the last year, I believe. It was much better than the old UI, and they transferred that paradigm over to the ESPN Radio app as well, and recently (like within the last month or so, hadn’t used it in awhile), WatchESPN. They all have the same look and feel. Just hope they get to updating Streak for the Cash and the Fantasy football app. They both need a Holo blessing.

  • mj

    Does not work with nexus 10, very disappointed