Edit your Google Docs in your mobile browser

November 17, 2010

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Google has finally flipped the switch allowing users to edit their Google Docs (word files) from their mobile browser. It should be active now for users running Android 2.2 Froyo but if not, it may take a few days to be fully implemented.

To edit your documents, just navigate to docs.google.com from your browser and choose the document you'd like to edit. Hit edit and you will enter the mobile editor.

While the spreadsheet editor has been around for sometime, this is the first time users have been able to edit their text documents from any mobile device.

Along with its release in the Android browser, it's also available on the iPhone and iPad.


[Via Google]

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  • YAY! it’s about time 🙂 Google Rocks! m/

  • Mike


    I don’t often comment on internet posts, but would you please learn to use proper grammar, spelling, and structure?

    Also, the version number for Froyo is 2.2, and I’m pretty sure you’re aware of this.

  • chesstar

    you can speak and insert the words into the google docs on android. very good.

  • Mario

    It also works for 2.1. You get a message saying that your browser is not officially supported and i don’t know the limitations, but you can edit documents.