The DxOMark Mobile test has been one of the most authoritative and reliable benchmarking tests when it comes to mobile devices’ camera capabilities. And Blackberry’s new offering, the high-end smartphone called Priv, is probably extremely grateful to this test because it has ranked it amongst the best device they’ve tested from Apple, Sony, and Samsung. It refers to it as “mobile photography for the privileged”, probably referring to its pretty expensive price, at $750 unlocked.

But if you’re looking for a smartphone with quality mobile photography capabilities, then you might consider the Blackberry Priv, based on the DxOMark review. With its 18MP (1440×2560-pixel stills or 2160p@30fps/1080p@60fps for video) resolution and its 1/2.4-inch imaging sensor as well as its 27mm f/2.2 Schneider-Kreuznach lens, you would expect it of course to give quality pictures. Add to it some special features like image stabilization, phase-detection autofocus, dual-LED flash, touch-focus LCD, face detection, HDR, and panorama mode and you have a smartphone that might almost be as good as DSLR camera.

The test showed that the Blackberry Priv is able to capture a large dynamic range, thanks to its “mildly aggressive HDR mode” which lets it capture both the brightest and darkest tones of a scene, even under “challenging” conditions. And even when you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, your mobile device can render both strong and pleasant colors, even though white balance is better for indoor shoots. The Priv also proved itself better than its competitors when it comes to low-light detail preservation, due to its 18MP sensor.

In summary, the DxOMark Mobile Photo test gave it a score of 82 for the photo, while giving its video capabilities 81. So if you have the budget to get this smartphone and if you want to enhance your mobile photography game, then better get the Blackberry Priv.


  • dannyR

    This is all rather misleading. 10 phones rated higher than the Priv by
    DxOMark, and it was equalled by 4 others at 82.

    • Morgan Glassco

      Something tells me RIM put a little coin into everyone’s pockets. DxO normally wouldn’t even review a until unless it was widely popular.

      • Jesse Pentecost

        Maybe it’s popular? I had a tough time buying one because it was constantly sold out in my area

      • Morgan Glassco

        Interesting. I hadn’t heard of any shortages. But there are other phones like the LG G3 that never got reviewed and none of the OnePlus phones have been reviewed to my knowledge either.

      • Jesse Pentecost

        Maybe it doesn’t have crazy sales numbers but it does have a lot of interest compared to other run of the mill high end android phones. Reasons being it’s BlackBerry’s first android, the form factor, and the Schneider optics lens.

  • Maria K Walter