Dropcam has added an Android app for accessing its streaming webcams to the Android Market, having previously only offered basic browser support for non-iOS devices. The app itself is a free download, though you’ll need to be a paying Dropcam subscriber in order to actually access your cameras.

As well as regular streams, you can set alerts to be notified on movement or audio.

[via AppScout]

  • I think this is a pretty useful app if you’re away on holiday for a few weeks, just to check that everything’s ok back home and give yourself peace of mind. 

    • Anonymous

      yeah I agree. I know there is loads of cctv software out there for the iphone like this so it is nice to see android catching up! 

  • Lewis

    finally android are going to be making a move in the

  • Adam

    This is probably the best cctv app I’ve seen on any smart phone so far