Dropbox Gets An Update, Adds Thumbnails and Folder Deletion

July 15, 2011

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I'm going to start by saying if you haven't used Dropbox you should probably go and download it like right now, Talk about convenient. Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos everywhere you go. My favorite is I use it as a APK manager and I have all my apps right at my fingertips everywhere I go, among other things of course. They just updated on the market and added some needed features.

You install Dropbox on all your computers and Android phones and you have access to everything you put in your Dropbox "cloud" anywhere you go. Right on your phone, or from your girlfriends parents house (or in-laws) right on the computer. Basically you can access any file you need from wherever. It is one of those tools available in the 21st digital century that you might as well use because you can.

Today they added some new features that I'm excited to finally have. Things like thumbnails in the file browser, folder deletion and tons of security improvements for those that use it for business documents. I use dropbox daily and if you are still carrying around that 16GB "thumb drive" you should should probably head to dropbox.com and sign up. Head over to the market for the Android app.

[via Android Market]

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  • Notbox

    Actually if you have a Dropbox account you should stop using it and delete it ASAP due to their general disregard for the security of their users’ data, and their outrageous user agreement which allows them to use anything you upload in any way they want.

    • Due respect, but that’s rubbish.

      Lifehacker’s take on the DropBox TOS language debacle: http://lifehac.kr/p9RRgv

      Yes DropBox needs your permission to redistribute your stuff. It’s what the service does. No, the language isn’t terribly clear and lawyers can’t be trusted to be all nice and cuddly.Bottom line: Most other sharing services include similar usage language. If you share anything in any cloud, encrypt it.

  • And they fixed the forced close issue on the Droid X under Gingerbread.

  • This may seem good now, but I’ve had better luck with Sugarsync across a few different OSes. Also, you can get 5.5GB of free storage for
    signing up through this link. Almost TRIPLE what you get with dropbox. http://bit.ly/SugarSync500MBBonus – Smart move sugarsync!