Last month, we leaked that the Droid X2 was coming to Verizon.  We didn’t have much in the way of details, but we do now.  Check out these specs …

According to Droid Police, the Droid X2 is getting the 1 Ghz Tegra 2 Processor, a 4.3″ HD display and will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) and maybe 2.3 by launch time with a new version of MOTOBLUR. In addition, it’ll have an 8MP read facing camera.

Downsides – no forward facing camera so that means no video chat, and no 4G LTE support.  With the world poised to dive into the deep in of the 4G pool, especially with Verizon, is there any reason not to support LTE?  It’s certainly a bit disappointing.

[via Android Police]

  • Got a Droid X… Based on this, you just put a dual core in the x2 and its still 3G?!?!?!?! Sorry Verizon and Motorola… Im not wasting my upgrade on this… I want 4G and Dual Core as a bare minimum…

    • George Giddy

      the motorola droid bionic sounds like what you want then.

    • Hollywoodholly74

      Seriously wtf Verizon? I don’t want a bionic because its a down grade from an in my opinion. I wanted an improved droid x 2, dual core, 4g, fwd camera, more ram, less bloatware.. what’d so hard about that.. I don’t want to loose some specs to gain what my x lacks.. Now what months more waiting? Take your flagship and make it the best phone on the planet..

  • 155

    What does HD Display mean? Do you mean qHD?

  •  With so little 4G coverage, it’s no big deal unless, you want it, want to pay for it, and live in one of the very few coverage areas. Verizon has a hundred or so MORE towers than AT&T, but still only big cities. Both Companys 95-97% coverage has to do with densly populated areas, all coverage maps have huge holes in rural areas. AT&T may cover 97%, but that is 2G, that’s right, check the maps, 2G. $g is only like 144 cities, out of hundreds of thousands…