Today Verizon Wireless is pushing out yet another update for their highly popular Motorola DROID RAZR HD and bigger brother MAXX HD smartphones. We first confirmed the update at the tail end of last week, and today it is officially hitting smartphones around the US. Prepare to accept the update and get tons of improvements across the board.

This isn’t Android 4.2.2, but since the RAZR HD was already updated to Jelly Bean instead they’ve opted to just fix a few software and audio issues, improve camera performance, and hopefully make connectivity even better. According to the details released by Verizon last week, that’s exactly what we’ll be getting.

The update will bring the RAZR HD and MAXX HD to version 9.16.6 and will run roughly 96MB in size. A WiFi connection is recommended. Verizon states a specific data roaming issue has been fixed, USB connection/deconnect has been improved drastically, and WiFi has even been improved today. Lastly Verizon and Moto confirm the update improves the camera touch-to-focus as well as low light performance.

That’s certainly good news. We all know the camera hasn’t been one of Motorola’s strong points on their smartphones. Again the update is around 96MB in size and you should be getting it anytime now. Feel free to check for updates yourself in settings > about phone > check for updates and enjoy the latest and greatest.

[via Droid-Life]

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  • Mattcg

    This did nothing to fix my WiFi issues!

    • Sorry to hear. What’s wrong?


        He didn’t buy an iPhone, that’s what’s wrong!

  • Captain_Doug

    I would’ve bought the MAXX HD if it had an LCD display, and you know, an unlocked bootloader.

    • I’d love to toss CM10.1 on the one in my closet 😉

      • Captain_Doug

        Would be amazing. Call me crazy but I actually prefer CM10 over CM10.1 just because the quick toggles in the notification menu. I hate 4.2’s toggle/shortcuts. CM10 is just fine with me.

      • CM10.1 still has the regular ones dude, just head to settings. I still use them over the 4.2 quick toggle button myself.

      • Captain_Doug

        Well I feel sheepish…

  • Jorge

    My phone is now bricked after the update. I restarted the phone and it never came back up. It got very hot and there was a smokey smell emitting from it.

    • Whoa.. smokey smell. that isn’t normal.

      • Jorge

        Well, apparently it is not bricked. Something after the update caused the battery to drain from about 50% charge to 0% in just under 10 minutes! I have never felt that type of heat come off of a phone before. Scary.

  • Jon

    Does anyone know how to change the default setting on the camera’s flash? I like to have it manually changed because I don’t trust auto, and yet each time I turn the camera off and back on again it defaults back to auto.