DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX getting ICS June 12

June 5, 2012

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We've heard and seen a lot of different reports regarding Motorola's update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for their popular DROID RAZR, but some new details have recently appeared. We are now hearing that after a few delays Motorola and Verizon are aiming for June 12th to start the update.

According to reports from CNET, Verizon has confirmed the June 12th date but as usual these things are open to change at any moment. Motorola originally stated it would arrive before the end of Q2 so they are still within that time frame technically.

The good news is when the update arrives it will be for both the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX since they run the same version. The cause of the delay was apparently the changes from 4.0.3 to Android 4.0.4 but they should have had that long ago. We've seen a few builds leak (linked below if you'd like to try) so either wait a few more days for the update or flash something unofficial. We'll report back if we hear anything more.

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  • With ICS, the RAZR MAXX will arguably be the best 4G phone on the market.

    • no it really wont on verizon it is the rezound hands down!!!

      • Except you’ll be looking for a charger while I still have over 50% battery left :-). Having tried a few others it’s all about the battery and the MAXX leaves the rest in the dust.

      • i only use my charger at night the recent patch htc released undervolted the kernel which showed a big improvement plus rezound is a world phone too and can be used with any company so by far this phone blows away the competition!

      • rzr

        The RAZR will be global as well with the ics update numb nuts

      • not like the rezound though buddy the rezound can be used on any carrier because it is the first phone with a distinct radio that works on all basebands razr will be limited in the global capabilites department sadly to say as i own one too!

      • Rohail

        Rezound is ugly as fuck!!! It looks like every other HTC phone in the last 2 years

      • Rob Schoenfeld

        I’m sorry I tried to love the HTC Rezound I really tried. But the battery life on that thing was horrible!!!!!!!! Even with the extended super fat battery on it the battery life didn’t get through a whole day.

      • kyle winrich

        how about this. you don’t like the droid razr then why are you on there fourms starting trouble? get a life go back to htc’s page.

  • tnfsmith

    When they release Razr MAXX worldwide country?

  • tony paegelow

    And what about jellybean. Soon to come i hear

  • AnGeLFaCe77

    that is good news for us. the droid razr max with ics its the best device, htc one x coming second

  • That one guy

    So this is what un-monitored public forums turn into. *sigh*

  • tempD

    My razr keeps saying its up to date…… Gingerbread is not up to date…why u lie phone?

  • yeaG

    I can say this is the best phone around… RAZR maxx. That is.. I’ve been from iPhone 4s 64g to evos to photons, galaxy s2s, DROID x, incredible, blackberry, galaxy nexus you name it… this phones power, capability, and battery life hands down is bomb , and ics is pretty much going to make it king for a little while at least in my eyes

  • Gunther enemy

    Cory needs to find better friends with accurate information, consistently posting bs.

  • I’m *waaaaaaiting!* 😛

  • Stylz

    Well, June 12 is here. No ICS. Fuck CNet.

  • markymarkstout

    verizon rep told me no ics june 12 but it will be this month!

  • Keith Campbell

    The update will DEFINITELY be here June 12…. 2014

  • turtle

    I like turtles! !!!!

  • stylz

    No ICS. Lying CNet bastards

  • No ICS…Looks like Verizon screwed the pooch, again

  • Lies all lies!!!!!!!!