Droid Pro $99 At BestBuy


You’ve got to love discounts. The DROID Pro is now available at Best Buy for only $99. Now this isn’t the cheapest we have seen the device, we saw it for a penny at Amazon, but if you’re looking to order it from Best Buy this is probably the cheapest you will find the device without a crazy sale.

You will get the device for only $99 and won’t even have to deal with any rebates. You just got to love all of the deals the holidays bring!

For more further on the DROID Pro, including benchmarks and first impressions, check out our unboxing and hands-on.

[Via IntoMobile]

  • jmarki

    Well, something funny happened when I got to Best Buy today to purchase a Droid Pro $99 as indicated here – and on the Best Buy site on Friday afternoon. At the store, they explained the price was $179 and when we pulled up the listing on their website, the price had magincally changed to $179. They could only explain the lower price as an error since corrected. Also the total number of cases, shells, batteries and any other accessory you can think of is a big fat ZERO! Guess where I am not buying my Droid Pro!