Droid Incredible blowing out for a Penny at Amazon

April 26, 2011

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Amazon is blowing out their inventory of HTC Droid Incredible phones for .01 with a two year deal. The sale is obviously to make some room since, as we reported today, the Droid Incredible 2 will be hitting the portal on Thursday. Now sure, users looking for a new phone may not mind laying out $199 for the latest Incredible 2. But considering it's essentially using the same processor and comes with a $25 app credit from Amazon, how can you complain?

If you compare the Incredible with the new kid on the block, you find it has a smaller, 3.7 inch SLCD screen. The Incredible 2 boosts the real estate a wee bit with a 4 inch WVGA display and has DNLA support if you have a Sony HDTV. Both are running the same 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and 8 MP camera. And both are running Android 2.2 (Froyo), which is puzzling that the Incredible 2 played it safe, rather than going with Gingerbread. But maybe it'll get an update sooner, rather than later.

At best, the Incredible 2 is a "dot upgrade," meaning you can save some serious coin by laying down a copper coin and going with the original. And with that $25 app credit to the Amazon App Store for Android, users are essentially being PAID to buy it! Can't beat that. And with free Two day shipping, Amazon is in quite a hurry to get it to you.

[via HTCPedia]

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  • $0.01 + a 2-year contract is less expensive than $199 + a 2-year contract, but if you take a $99/mo family plan, the overall cost is still over $2,000.

  • Anonymous

    Only with service. W/out service it’s still $479. It’d be out of stock in 0.01 seconds if it was actually $0.01 for the phone, no contracts attached…