We’d previously heard that Motorola’s 4th generation DROID was scheduled to be released on December 8th, a day before Verizon was to finally push out the Galaxy Nexus. Neither of those dates bore any fruit, and while the Nexus released just a week later, the DROID 4 is still nowhere to be found. According to another of Droid Life‘s internal Verizon leaks, the phone is currently headed for a December 22nd release, just two days from now. Considering the amount of PR and other information that’s already leaked, this certainly seems plausible.

Adding to the pre-release fervor, PocketNow spotted a specs page for the DROID 4 on Verizon’s DROID DOES branding vehicle website. That usually indicates an imminent release and marketing campaign – though 12-22 is a little late to take advantage of the gift-giving season in the United States, it would allow Verizon to air lucrative commercials over holiday specials and football games. Considering just how much information on the phone is already available, the actual release of the DROID 4 seems like a formality at this point.

The DROID 4 is a high-end QWERTY option for Verizon’s LTE network, outclassing the older Samsung Stratosphere (the only other sliding keyboard phone to feature Verizon’s 4G network) in every way. The latest generation of DROID largely abandons the utilitarian styling of its forebears, in favor of a tapered look that brings it in line with the DROID RAZR and the new DROID XYBOARD tablets. A 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor matches the DROID RAZR, as does an 8 megapixel camera, SD card and Gingerbread. It has the added advantage of a removable battery, with the downside of a 4-inch QHD LCD screen instead of Super AMOLED.



  • Anonymous

    Could Verizon just stop with the “Droid” sound and robot arms ads?   It’s annoying, creepy, and totally turns off the 50% female part of your market audience.

    • Grace

      hmm… I’m female and I like the droid voice and I actually don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t, except you now I guess

      • Dave

        i agree with you grace

  • 155

    qHD really?

    • Yup. But at 4 inches, I really don’t think that’s a bad thing – 960×540 is too sharp for me to count pixels at that size.

  • Lake_superior

    There is a typo in the size description, I’m pretty sure it isn’t really 2.8×5.0x5.0 inches.