Dragon Shout Android app is Google Maps for Skyrim

November 29, 2011

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a big, big game. You can spend days just wandering around its mountains and tundra, finding villages and dungeons. But crafty gamers soon won't have to: the Dragon Shout app is an interactive game world map for Android and iOS. It will let players navigate and take notes while they explore Bethesda's magnum opus.

I'm an admitted Skyrim addict, and since the game's made an impressive $450 million in worldwide sales across PC and console platforms, odds are pretty good that a few of you are as well. The upcoming app will allow multi-touch navigation a la Google Maps across the parchment-style game world. You can make notews at particular locations - very handy for remembering where you left your pack mule traveling companion. The developer is promising social sharing of maps and entries with other players in a future update.

The app is slated to release in 2-3 weeks, but considering that the developer's website is basically a Cupertino take on Skyrim, it might be a while before they get around to porting it to Android. Whether you're sneaking around Riften for the thieves' guild, fighting valiantly for the Stormcloaks or just killing as many of those flying jerks as you possibly can, an accurate and annotated map will be a welcome companion. Here's hoping it comes soon. According to the website, it will be free.

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  • I still remember when playing RPG games and having a hard time navigating through the map because there’s no option to write notes on specific locations. Clever idea! I guess this will help the gamers a lot. I just hope that they release the Cupertino and Android version at the same time.

    • What did the Nord say to the Argonian when he challenged him to an underwater basket weaving contest? “Don’t hold your breath.”

  • GamerLady

    Why oh Why do you tease me so. I immediately went to the app store, only to realize it isn’t out for Android…. Not cool.

  • Whiterun Guard

    I used to write notes on my Skyrim map…then I took an arrow to the knee.