Who is ready to rock out Dr. Dre style with their AT&T Android smartphone? With many different music docks available for smartphones Dr. Dre’s newest Beatbox is set to hit AT&T exclusively in black and white starting March 11th for $399. Now all the AT&T powered phones can enjoy the music from Dr. Dre instead of just HTC.

Along with professional grade sound engineering the Beatbox will allow users to play quality, distortion free and rich audio all on the go. The Dre BeatBox has a built-in dock for smartphones and music players on top, along with user and volume controls. You can connect with 3.5mm input, micro-USB, or bluetooth and it features a 5.25″ woofer for that excellent Beats sound quality.

For $399 it isn’t cheap, that is for sure. Hey, at least it comes with easy carry handles on both sides and even a little remote for easy controls on the go. The Beatbox is battery powered and also comes with an AC adapter for those not wanting to use this as a portable music option.

While I’m still not completely sold on the Beats Audio part of mobile the upcoming HTC One X for AT&T has Beats Audio under the hood and would go along great with the new Beatbox if you’re willing to shell out $400 for it. Hopefully AT&T will offer some bundle deals to lower the cost of this expensive little speaker. Starting March 11th the BeatBox and 3 other headsets will all be available from Dr. Dre in AT&T stores nationwide.

[via AT&T]

  • Guest2345

    Does this mean the HTC One X will be released within a few days of this? #wishfulthinking

    I could care less about this overpriced speaker dock but want to get my hands on the One X asap. Doesn’t make sense to have beats audio speaker in the store without a beats phone. One X by middle of march? Yes please.

    •  lol I know right

    • Spoken Word™

      Not trying to be an a-hole but it’s “couldn’t care less” and not “could care less”.

  • Tommy Thompson

    I’m sure it will still sell even at that price. poor dumb people.