DoubleTwist adds support for Google Music and separate Alarm Clock app

March 30, 2012

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DoubleTwist burst onto the Android scene as an alternative and bridge for iTunes, but now that Google sells its own tunes, they're getting with the program. The DoubleTwist app can now recognize music from the Google Play Music service and plays them back through its app alongside any of the standard MP3s or other songs you've got stored on your Android devices' internal storage or SD card. There's just one hitch: like Cloud Music Sniper, the updated app can only "see" the music you've selected for offline access in the Google Music  app.

The service can't pull down music directly from Google's servers, but then, no third party app can do that at the moment. DoubleTwist still integrated with iTunes better than just about any app we've seen (though I prefer to just keep my music in folders and let VLC do the grunt work). The app is still a free download on the Google Play Store - and it's got many features that Google's only thinking about adding to Google Music, like album art downloads.

They've also added a separate Alarm Clock app. The app is something of a non sequitur, since it's got nothing to with either the music player or AirSync. It is a pretty sweet-looking alarm clock app, though, with all the bells and whistles: multiple and recurring alarms, a couple of slick-looking full-screen faces, and a snooze function. Naturally you can use any music or sound stored on your phone for the alarm, in addition to the defaults. Unfortunately there seems to be a distinct lack of widgets. The app is currently on sale for 99 cents - after it's downloaded 10,000 times it'll go up to $1.99.

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  • CB

    “DoubleTwist still integrated with iTunes better than just about any app we’ve seen”  My understanding is that it is not integrated at all. It actually makes me move my music from iTunes to their own desktop software. There are other options out there like the app iSyncr that allow me to continue to use iTunes. Seems like that is significantly better integration.

  • App Laudable

    I’ve just done a full video review on youtube of Alarm Clock by double twist. Check out the weird optimal sleep setting its like your mum telling you what time to go to bed –