Today Verizon announced that the folks at JD Power and Associates rank them right at the top in customer service and satisfaction here in the United States. While they were quick to announce the findings — they aren’t the only ones. A different survey has different results and the fine folks from Vocalabs claims AT&T actually tips the top spot instead.

One important note is while Verizon was number one overall according to JD Power, they actually ranked AT&T first in walk-in customer service over Verizon. Then you take the findings today from Vocalabs linked to above, where they surveyed phone-based customer service instead. Combine their findings of AT&T being at the top for phone based support, and JD’s comments on walk-in’s this could technically mean overall AT&T is the best.

Vocalab’s study found that AT&T has been steadily improving both as a company and in customers eyes, while others such as T-Mobile and Sprint have continued to drop. According to Vocalab’s AT&T ranked “Very Satisfied” by customers after phone based support 69% of the time. Compared to 60% for Verizon, 59% for Sprint and a lowly 48% for T-Mobile. Surveys like this can be looked at in many different ways, as not all customers have the same needs. With AT&T being top in phone support here, and top in walk-in’s by JD it is safe to say they tend to make most of their customers extremely happy. I’m wondering if you asked about actual cell service what these polls would look like.

So you tell us. How is your experiences with AT&T? Would you rank them Very Satisfied like 69% of callers did last year?

  • Simon Cunningham

    To be honest, I have always had a good experience with AT&T customer support, either in the store or on the phone. Pricing for their services…now that I have a big beef with. And don’t get me started on jacking prices on their plans for new customers (or customers who make certain changes to their current plan) all because the T-Mobile deal fell through. Shame on you AT&T. Personally, I never thought the deal was in the public’s best interest (it’s mostly about the shareholders) and was happy to see it get shot down. But I digress…

  • Alryan89

    With all the bad reviews about AT&T’s customer service and network, I’m surprised to say that I’m very happy with the network and customer service AT&T has to offer. I’ve got to admit that AT&T is really improving its network and customer service gradually. I’ve notice better call quality, stronger signal strength in more places that I’ve had issues before and faster download speeds. I’m proud of AT&T with their hard work! That’s why I chose not to switch to Verizon as I knew AT&T has the potential to upgrade its network infrastructure and also it uses a better network technology GSM 3GPP/UMTS compared to Verizon’s slower CDMA EVDO which is already max out and can’t upgrade to faster speeds.

  • I’ve had literally ZERO good experiences with AT&T customer service, after being a customer for more than 10 years. I gave up and jumped ship. There is a 0% chance this is a legitimate study. I know my friends have had similar or worse experiences with them as well.