If you typically check your e-mail on your mobile device using Gmail and you’re on a limited data plan of some sort, hordes of spam could be costing you money. Tons of spam on your mobile device also means you have to wade through a bunch of e-mail you don’t care anything about looking for those few messages that you do care about. A new e-mail client has landed for Android that might help you wade through some of the clutter.

The e-mail client is called Dextr and it operates as a standalone app, even though interfaces with Gmail. You sign into your Gmail e-mail account via the application and the app will then present a list of contacts on your device to you. From that list you choose your close friends, family, and associates that you want to get e-mail from.

After you do that, the application will show you only e-mails from those contacts. Dextr will completely replace your normal Gmail inbox, but if you only want to know if specific people have sent you a message, it sure makes it easier than wading through everything in your standard e-mail box.

There are some caveats to Dextr that will limit its usefulness for some people. The biggest is the fact that you can’t send attachments to your contacts via the application. However, you can view and download attachments sent to you. It also lacks threaded conversations and the app isn’t free. If you want to try Dextr you can download it from the Google Play store right now for $.99.

[via TechCrunch]

  • joe_k

    Wait, what? Seriously? First of all, Gmail does a tremendous job of filtering out spam. I rarely see any spam outside of my regular mail. Second, it won’t even download those spam message to your device unless you actually try to view them. Third, “tons of money” is ridiculous. Your average spam message is only a few kilobytes. Let’s be generous and say 10kb. That means you’d need to download and VIEW 100 spam messages to your device just to use 1MB of data. That equates to tons of money? Jeez this Dextr client may be great — I honestly have no idea — but that first paragraph is beyond absurd.