Dell confirms AT&T-locked Streak Froyo update in Jan 2011

December 10, 2010

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  • Yee

    Dell SUCK D^CK!

  • scaronscar

    fuck at$t and Dell this is why I did the update myself 2.2 is what should have came on this thing out of the box……



  • Dave

    How did you receive/install your update?

  • Dionne

    How did u update ur dell streak to froyo? Are you in u.s?

  • AkShiz

    why didn’t this beast ship with at least 2.1 to begin with. it seems insane to release the latest and most different tabphone at the time with a HUGE handicap and then say oh, that’ll be 400 smackers btw. Dell was stupid to fo this and at t sucks for constantly hindering android across the board.

  • Jdam

    At&t constantly aims for big market items and exploits them in every way possible. Streak was not nearly successful as iPhone. iPhone is now available on the Verison market with 4G. At&t (3G) is now at a point where Kiss A** is a MUST! Goodbye At&t, hello Verison!

    • Anonymous

      Verizons iPhone is not 4G.

      • Tired of AT&T

        AT&T isn’t 4G either!

      • Anonymous

        I did not say it was. Jdam stated it was. There is not a 4G iPhone made yet. Maybe the iPhone 5 will be. We will have to wait and see.

  • Tired of AT&T

    Just got my streak…… If i don’t see an update in a few days I will take it back to best buy!