CyanogenMod team picks a new mascot: say hello to “rAndy”

April 3, 2012

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Here's some fun news for CyanogenMod 9 users: you'll be getting a new mascot in a nightly ROM soon, and no, it isn't a duck. After a lengthy submission and approval process, the team of developers chose Caio Avles' design for a new logo and mascot, and have tentatively christened the little guy below "rAndy". That may or may not be the final name. You can expect to see the little guy show up in new ROMs and on the CyanogenMod website in the next few weeks, as the final touches are put on the CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The CM team has been hard at work in the last few months, putting their signature touch on open-source Android 4.0 and releasing various nightlies to the masses. The most popular devices get ROMs the fastest and the most consistently, but since CyanogenMod publishes its code for any develoepr to download, there's plenty of unnoficial versions available for dozens (maybe even hundreds, at this point) of devices of all kinds. Obvioulsy the Nexus series gets a lot of love, but even offshoots like the Nook Color and the HP TouchPad are covered.

It's taken a lot longer for the final release to come than we had first anticipated, but the builds are mostly complete at this point. The CyanogemMod Team are famous perfectionists (and don't ask them about deadlines) so it may be a while still before release candidates are ready. Don't worry, Cyanogen faithful: the ROM will keep its distinctive hue intact.

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  • master94

    Gonna miss the skateboarder  🙁

  • Tommy

    That mascot is kinda fugly. But who cares. Where’s cm9 for the t989? The only thing they can say about this phone is the guy working on it is busy. Good thing I’m going to school for this type of stuff so that I can build my own stuff and not have to wait for someone else to fix something wrong with the ROM