Devices running custom ROM’s have always been rooted. This is just how things are in the world of Android. Root gives you full control and access to well, root of your device. The power is yours after rooting. Yes you read our title right, moving forward the extremely popular CyanogenMod 9 will no longer be rooted. It will instead be a simple option to enable, but for security sake it will be optional.

In a statement earlier today on the CyanogenMod Blog they detail why they’ve chosen to take this route, what it means for their users, and how they’ll be achieving this added level of security. Being rooted opens your phone up to possible malware and attack. Moving forward CM9 ROM’s will not be rooted, and the apps requiring root access will not work out of the gate. Don’t worry though, an easy toggle will enable root access via three different methods. Below is how the new patches that disable root will work, and the configurations the CM team has decided on.

-Enabled for ADB only
-Enabled for Apps only
-Enabled for both

You can choose from the three different options for root access, and I’ll be doing the latter of the three myself. Root access will still fully be available, simple, and wont change in any way. Our devices as a result will become more secure and safe. With CyanogenMod being on well over 1,000,000 devices counting official releases and kangs, this additional step to provide a secure version of Android to their “customers” is a good move. This compromise gives enthusiasts root like they’ve always had, and keeps the security levels high for the rest of their users — especially now that CM is getting bigger and many new users are turning to their builds.

More details and reasoning behind the changes can be found at the official CyanogenMod Blog from the via link below. So what do you guys think? Is this a good move by CM, or will you look for kang’d versions or other releases moving forward?

[via CyanogenMod]

  • superlinkx

    I think this is a great idea! There are lots of people who stay rooted and don’t even know enough about the responsibilities associated with it. This makes it easy to keep those people safe, while also making it really easy for devs and enthusiasts to have root access if they actually want it. Its brilliant!

    • Like the newbies that flash a ROM and then leave comments in the market calling ROM Manager or SuperUser spam for being pre-installed… lol

      Yes I think this is a great idea, and shouldn’t be a problem for all of us enthusiasts

  • Jcvancleve

    This feature has been avail for quite some time now ~ i believe it is fairly safe to say objectively speaking, that the ability to disable root temporarily definitely gives the user the final option to function in the capactiy he / she originally intended it to 🙂

  • firethorn

    Choice is good, giving users options is the best way especially for open software like CM.
    While personally I will alway run full root access on my devices it is definitely a good call to be able to easily toggle “root depth” to suit the indivdual usage profile and security needs.

  • CM firmwares will still be rooted. They are just disabled by default. It’s only a menu in the Settings app to select modes.

    I’ve been on a Nexus S CM9 Kang for a while now and that feature was implemented to the builds I’m using way months ago.

    You are still rooted. Just an option or the freedom to disable/enable root access.

    Perhaps striking out this part would not confuse readers:
    “the extremely popular CyanogenMod 9 will no longer be rooted”

  • Good move. Its good for the noobs. I prefer overclocking so root access stays with me

  • masterpfa

    I have tried it previously on a Kang CM9 ROM, personally didn’t work for me as my phone still appeared to be rooted when trying, for example, to accessGoogle’s Play Movies.

    Good idea and a good start, I say why not have the option.

  • sk12345

    i rooted my lg optimus one p500 running gingerbread successfully by superoneclick
    i copied the file on my sdcard
    ran rom manager on my mobi
    flashed clockworkmod recovery
    backedup existing rom
    installed .zip file from sdcard
    mobi said installation successful but after restarting it
    it stops at cm startup screen i.e. arrow rotating anticlockwise
    now i could unroot and root my device
    i realize that i forgot to wipe old os

    • sk12345

      sorry for disturbing i think i fixed my mobi
      thanks to droid explorer
      it is really helpful!!! 😉