Fans of custom ROMs may already know that there’s a rewritten version of the standard Android music app coming to CyanogenMod 9. Well, the wait’s over, and you can download an alpha version of “Apollo” now. Click here for the APK file – you don’t even have to be rooted, just install it via the standard non-Market method. Unfortunately, you still need an ICS device to use it.

Apollo takes quite a lot of inspiration from Google Music, though there’s currently no way to actually access your music stored in the cloud. The interface has a lot in common with Google’s own player, though the color scheme is an off white. Theme support is planned for the project. At present there’s not a whole lot that Apollo can do that even older versions of the default music player can’t, with the notable exception of a built-in equalizer.

One of the more glaring omissions is the lack of a landscape mode, a big disappointment to anyone who listens to music while their phone is in a car dock. Even so, it should be a solid alternative when it’s finished – lockscreen controls are already enabled (are you listening, Spotify?) Give it a try if you’re looking for something a little different in your music player.

[via BeeAndroid]

  • Lain

    ” with the notable exception of a built-in equalizer.”
    On my SGSII I have a pretty nice built-in equalizer on the default music player.

  • Captain_Doug

    Amazing music player. Just waiting for the dark themed option. Best feature is the 4×2 widget. Everyone leaves that out.

  • Hal Motley

    It’s a really good start and a real improvement over the January model, but I feel that it still needs some tweaks. 

    The two main tweaks I want to see are a holo dark theme (and if the developer doesn’t make it I know someone else can) and the ability to select which tabs should appear when you fire the app up. Currently there are 6 tabs, but I would for my experience would want to cut the tab amount to about 3 or 4.I also think that the 3 options in the … part of the action bar should be represented as icons along the action bar instead.

    Having said that I really like this app and look forward to its debut.

  • Donovan King

    its okay…but it looks really cheap and ugly on a tablet…like it over all but ill use google music until UI and looks improve..Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!