The folks at Cyanogen began releasing M-Series (monthly) builds of CM10 last year, however these were later suspended when the priority shifted towards CM10.1. And well, it looks like the first of the CM10.1 M-Series builds have come available. These of course, come by way of the CyanogenMod website and just like the previous monthly builds — are available only for select devices.

That being said, let us first offer a bit on what the M-Series (monthly) builds offer. These are versions that are described as being “mostly stable and ready for everyday use.” Simply put, these are more stable as compared to the nightly builds, but also not quite ready for a final release. In this case, the M-Series builds are based on Jelly Bean MR1 (Android 4.2).

Moving over to the supported devices, this includes a mix of smartphones and tablets. The device list includes the Samsung Captivate, Nexus S (4G), Galaxy S III (US models), Galaxy S (galaxysmtd/galaxysbmtd), Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus (all variants), Nexus 4, Nexus 10, ODroid U2, Samsung P3100, P3110 and the Samsung P5100, P5110. And for those with a device not listed, the promise was made that “more devices are being worked on.”

As always, the CM10.1 M-Series builds can be grabbed from the Get.CM website. Otherwise, a bit of good news for those who happen to be waiting for a stable release of CM10.1, in addition to word of the M-Series builds, the folks at Cyanogen also mentioned that is on track. But as we have come to expect, no time estimate was given.

[via CyanogenMod]

  • i have cm10 can i flash this over mine or is it better if i do the wipes? i have a sgs 1

    • Well I originally dirty flashed 10.1 over 10 and had a few wifi dropping issues. In the end I did the usual Wipe and all is good now.

    • I’ve found that going from CM10 to Nightly messed my N7 up. I’d backup and do a clean install. I’m installing this without wipe from latest nightly. Fingers crossed.