We’ve arrived in New Orleans and are jumping at the bit to get started giving you the news and content you need on all things Android here at CTIA 2012! We’ll be here all week long covering the big events as well as seeking out the coolest and most interesting devices and software (and services, of course) on the floor as we run through everything the event has to offer starting tonight. We’ve got events scheduled both on and off-site here at the Convention Center and will be bringing you a social media experience in addition to make sure you see the event from all angles and as fast as possible once each bit of news breaks!

We’re coming at you live in several respects for this series of events down south. Taking on CTIA 2012 with our sister-site SlashGear, you’ll find that we’re bringing you unique on-site galleries on Facebook, hang-out-based action with Google+, and instant updates galore via Twitter. Of course you’ll also want to follow the main news feed for the biggest drops right here on Android Community as well!

• Google+ +AndroidCommunity and +SlashGear
• Facebook /AndroidCommunity and /SlashGear
• Twitter @t_chrisburns for Chris Burns (SlashGear), @xguntherc for Cory Gunther (Android Community), and of course @SlashGear for SlashGear and @Androids for Android Community

We’re starting off quick right here in the evening on Monday, then will be continuing all day each day through the week. If you’re stuck at home and come across something interesting that you’d like us to cover, let us know! Email us with http://androidcommunity.com/send-tips/ or contact us via any of the social networks listed above with all tips, requests, and hate mail if you do so desire, and stick with us all week for sweet tech action!

  • g0atse

    12:45 PST and no updates?  I would say it’s a bust.

    • you’re a bust. Doesn’t start til tomorrow but we’ve got plenty coming 😉

      • g0atse

        I stand corrected 😉

  • Oldtimewil

    Chomping at the bit…I can’t believe no one else hasn’t mentioned it.

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  • Have a good conference! Keep us updated and don’t party too hard!