Cover was announced as a new Android lockscreen app a few weeks earlier. At the time we saw a bit of teasing in terms of features. The app was available, but only in a private beta group. Well, while not everyone was able to gain access to that group — it meant plenty were left waiting. A set release date had not been given, but we did recently learn the app would be arriving before Christmas.

Keeping true to that timeline, Cover is now available in the Google Play Store. The app touts itself as being a “smart lockscreen” and is available for free. Cover is still listed as being beta, however it is a public beta and available for anyone looking to play. The app requires Android 4.0.3 or later for use and will replace your current lockscreen and bring four key features.

The folks at Cover offer the following; having the right apps at the right time, being able to peek in and launch new apps with a swipe, being able to jump between apps and smart settings. More to the point here, that right app at the right place time comes in with habits and locations. Cover will be able to break down how and where you use apps and offer groups for Home, Work and more.

The video sitting above gives a bit of a walkthrough, but some of the features include being able to swipe in (to the left) from the right (when in an app) to quickly and easily launch into another app. Additionally, holding down an app icon from the lockscreen and sliding towards the right will allow you to peek in. And along with knowing where and when you may want apps, this “smart” aspect will also carry over to the settings such as being able to silence your phone at night.

Anyway, all that having been said, the big news is that Cover has exited the private beta and is now available for all.

SOURCE: Cover, Google Play Store

  • David Loman

    APK anyone? Pls

  • Christian_Logay

    Nice app, sure would be nice if it was compatible with the GS4 though.

    • alvin

      It is compatible with my gs4 and works great so I don’t know why it does not work on Yours maybe it’s your country or your version of the phone of both

      • Christian_Logay

        Yeah that was my bad…turns out I have some editing to do in my google play device manager labeling. Got the app…runs awesome on my GS4. great job!

  • Xavier

    I wish it was compatible with my spotify app and the background could extend all the way to the notification bar my Nexus 5. The design and functionality is great regardless.