Well, according to the official twitter page of Corning the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not rock the popular and highly effective Gorilla Glass used on almost all high end Android smartphones as of late. If you are wondering what Gorilla Glass check out this post. Apparently Samsung decided to not go with Corning for the glass on the Nexus, instead chose another route. Many past Samsung devices have shipped with Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

If you are wondering what Gorilla Glass is all about then once again you should hit this link. The extremely strong scratch and shatter resistant glass is what keeps all of our lovely Android smartphones safe from keys and buttons on pants and everything else during daily usage. I haven’t used a screen protector in over a year because of Corning’s Gorilla Glass being on most smartphones I’ve purchased.

The tweet above confirms that Samsung chose to take another route and now this news has been made public by Corning and a few other sources, Samsung has posted a small update on Facebook. Samsung Janel updated with very little details and basically said Samsung chose to use another type of strong fortified glass on the Galaxy Nexus, and that was all she had to say. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of confirmation before a launch date because I’d love to know what we are working with here.

Either way the phone will still be amazing. Be sure to check out all of our Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich coverage plus the video bonus below.

Galaxy Nexus hands-on
[vms 55018e2a459517fdb40e]

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[via Phandroid]

  • I’m kinda disappointing at the galaxy nexus. One I wanted it to be called the nexus prime, okay who cares though it’s just a name. Two it doesn’t have a micro sd slot…that’s the biggest fail right there.
    No gorilla glass, not huge, but it would be nice to have. No fm radio.

  • this phone in general is very disapppointing really!

  • the nexus is a real disappointment in my opion. looks like ill be waithing foe htc to bring some ics to my life.

  • Kevin Kerr

    This + the OMAP is disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    Why you no have Gorilla Glass?!

    • Anonymous

      b/c Gorilla glass isn’t the only brand of fortified glass out there. Corning does not have a monopoly on this tech. they’re simply the most well known name.

  • Samsung confirmed there is fortified glass on Galaxy Nexus.  Hope it’s Dragontrail from Asahi Glass.  That’s even better than Corning’s Gorilla Glass. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Man why couldn’t Nexus primes specs have 8mp camera, 2mp front camera, Gorilla glass, and SD card slot? Seriously who doesn’t want a phone with good specs? It’s like parts of their other phone like galaxy S2 has better specs… Like can’t they just make the perfect phone and stop this bull shit marketing crap? releasing all these bullshit phone is unnecessary and stupid. They are being selfish and greedy… Just stick to releasing new phones every 1 year like apple… So we can make our damn mind and which fucking phone to get. Is it that hard? I mean i would rather pay a lot for a phone that has all their latest technology specs implanted into 1 damn phone… This is why i prefer iphone 4s so much simpler.. you don’t see Apple releasing phone every 3 months do you? and yet they sell more phones then samsungs phone… Dumb ass greedy people who cant market for shit!