The latest comScore numbers are out, giving us an idea of who’s gained and lost over last quarter. While the overall movement isn’t shocking, there were a few surprises. We’re starting to think a recent big transaction is having negative a impact some may not have anticipated.

Apple still reigns supreme, commanding 41.6% of the smartphone market when compared t other OEMs. Samsung is second, naturally — they hold onto just over 1/4 of the market at 26.7%. LG ranks a distant third with 6.9%, which is just ahead of Motorola at 6.4%. HTC checks in as well, claiming 5.4% of the overall smartphone market.

When it comes to platform, we all know what the answer is. Android is still king with a 51.7% market share, while iOS has 41.6. Blackberry is holding steady with 3.1%, closely related to Microsoft’s 3.2%. Symbian is still hanging on with 0.2%, bolstered by those emerging markets where other platforms are still finding their way.

Two things stand out in this study: Apple and Motorola. Apple’s iPhone sales were up 1.0%, as was iOS. In terms of platform, iOs was the only one to pick up over last quarter — Android fell 0.5%. Motorola was also a loser, dropping 0.6% and out of third place for OEMs. We really hope the Lenovo purchase hasn’t hurt them.

  • Tom G.

    Why buy anything now that has the name Motorola on it. They will be a dissolved and defunct company in a few months.

    • santiago

      Google will not let it go, they invested to much in Android, and with Samsung being the only one that is actually being profitable, and soon may be dropping Android for Tizen, Google need to desperately hold to moto, if they don’t then Android will go down, much like Palm

      • FourString

        Desperately? WTF. Hyperbole much?” Android is still king with a 51.7% market share” Did that part just fly over your head? Tizen is speculative at this point. Man, some people get their giggles off of vapourware instead of reality.

      • santiago

        I don’t really care who is king I just care what I use. I made a point out of ignorance and am sorry about that. I thought that Google still had Motorola. I did not wrote that Apple had a majority in market share, just that IOS gained 1% and Android lost .5% of market share. My point of view is that phone makers want to profit and the only one doing so is Samsung and Apple with Apple reigning supreme among phone makers not platforms. If phone makers aren’t making any money with a platform or loosing like is the case of several, they will eventually end up not producing any more phones, and that is a risk for Android. The only one that matters of Android phone makers is Samsung, it is the only one capable of continuing support for Android, but Samsung does not want Android, that is why they have been looking and developing their own platform. Of course this can also serve Samsung in to making Google share their mobile ad and mobile App gains with Samsung. My point is that Androids future does not look very good, sadly since competition is important for the emergence of better technologies, services and corporate responsability.

      • Tom G.


        I am not sure I quite understand what your first
        sentence means. I believe that Google sold Motorola to a Chinese Co. about a
        month ago.

      • santiago

        Tom, you are right. I was writing very ignorantly. Thank you

  • BMOGamer

    WTF. You say Android and Moto Drops. SAMSUNG RUNS ON ANDROID YOU MORON. Android is a OS not a ******* phone. Stupid idiot

    • santiago

      I guess you did not understand, samsung gained market share but not Android, which lost .5% of mobile OS plataforms. Also Moto dropped, and it accounted for a percentage of Android’s loss of market share. Also Samsung is probably going to continue it’s gamble on Tizen, which will make Android loose more market share, and since Samsung is the only one that is getting some profits above 3% (the rest of the manufacturers are either loosing money or barely getting by with Android) you will then expect some other manufacturers to drop Android in favour of other options. Android is not profitable for phone Manufacturers specially Moto, that is owned b google, and is loosing around 7% on investment.

      • BMOGamer

        ….Dude. If any Manufatre that makedevices like tablets and phone which run on Android(Samsung). Android as well is going to benefit. Tizen is just a Cheap Android knock off. Moto isnt owned by Google Anymore. They still own the patents. Lenovo I think is the owner.

  • santiago

    Android dropped by 0.5 % so did Blackberry, IOS went up 1 %. On the case of manufacturers Moto dropped .6 % HTC 1.3% and samsung gained 1.3% while Apple went up 1% and LG .3%

  • I think the study is only for the US, that’s why iOS is so high.

  • Adam Smith

    More correctly, Apple fell behind slightly less this quarter.

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