Popular news reader Circa has made it’s way to Android from iOS, and brought with it a clean interface for news reading and tracking. While the news reader space is crowded for Android, Circa adds a few features that are sure to catch on with those following stories as they develop, and offers an interesting twist on the sharing of information.

While the interface is clean, new, and clearly follows the HOLO theme — replete with cards instead or paragraphs — it can be confusing at first. That card-based reading profile leads you to believe that each card is a different source, or story, rather than a new way of breaking paragraphs up.

The tracking of stories is interesting, as you can choose to be alerted when the Circa editorial team adds something new to the mix. There is also a button to find citations used by Circa, allowing users to source information thoroughly. Those are two nice touches, but not the entire story.

Circa is manicured by a team of in-house editors, and is not a news aggregate. As such, you’re subject to their coverage of news, not a wholly open source view. While this doesn’t appear to be an issue in our quick look at the app, please keep that in mind when deciding on Circa. Like your favorite news channel on TV, the editorial voice is important for news, and we haven’t sampled enough of Circa’s to know how good it is — or isn’t.

It’s definitely a fresh take on a news app, but also a bit quirky. It’s great for those who want to follow news, but keep in mind the editorial nature of Circa. The interface is clean, but definitely subjective. Judging by the reviews on the Play Store, people really enjoy it, so give it a shot!

VIA: The Next Web

  • I’m sure this app will be a lot better than what these pundits are talking about!

  • Druter

    Hmmm circa another ios first app maker that thinks Android is an “also ran” instead of the WORLD LEADING platform and that Android users are sheeple who should be grateful that they deigned to allow their perfect iosness to come to Android. Hey circa No thanks. If you can’t be bothered to release on Android at the same time, much less first (as lots of developers in Asia are doing) then we can be bothered to use your ios garbage and you can languish on the second place (soon to be third place) platform uhhh buuhhh bye .