Looks like things are picking up again for Google‘s streaming device as developers released an update for the Google Chromecast. The update, which bumps the Chromecast software to build 13300, doesn’t contain anything new other than a bunch of fixes and improvements.

With the rush of new device announcements early this month, the Chromecast slipped quietly into the background, especially after a slight controversy regarding local media streaming. But just last week, the device has gone back in stock on Google Play. The random appearance of Chromecast support for embedded YouTube players also showed fans and curious onlookers signs of life.

The Google Chromecast team today announced an update for the device. While there wasn’t really much to mention other than a kernel update, and the usual security fixes and other improvements, it’s still good to see some activity again coming from Google’s end, especially since the last update was still in August.

Other than that, Google has been pretty silent about the device and the initial furor has seemingly died down. Perhaps developers are just waiting for Google to make the next move that would further indicate the direction Google plans to take the Chromecast before taking the plunge again.

SOURCE: Google

  • o2psd4me

    So far I have only used mine for Netflix… It saved me from having to craw through the attic to run an Ethernet cable in our new house.

  • Roberto Mezquia Jr

    I use mine DAILY… when i wake up in the morning i cast music via Play Music All Access, and other times i’ll just cast YouTube videos or watch Netflix on it… i easily got my $35 worth from it…

  • As a developer, I would work on development, but honestly, I do not know where Google is going with this. The local media streaming thing really killed developer interest in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Youtube features and such, but Google’s silence on getting small developers on board is killing the enthusiasm that the device had earlier enjoyed.

    • bgowland

      Agreed. There doesn’t seem to be a clear path for the future of Chromecast. The official support arena is StackOverflow but the presence of anyone from Google is sparse to say the least. One thing I would say though is the local media streaming issue isn’t as bad as it sounds. I have a home entertainment PC and I can use an Android app I developed to cast AV media URLs (served by a web server) and stream to the Chromecast from my PC. This is exactly what I wanted it for so I’m sticking with it. I just wish there was a more active community and more feedback and development updates from Google.

  • meszape

    I installed Plex on my pc, and i stream my local movies to my tv. it is perfect