The hard to find Google Chromecast media streaming dongle has been something many are looking to get their hands on, and now one more option is available again. We’ve seen the Chromecast go in and out of stock from Best Buy, Google’s Play Store, and Amazon, and now it looks like Google finally has quite a bit more for everyone.

Update: Aaaaand they’re gone. That was quick!

Earlier this week the Google Play Store finally changed their 3-4 week shipping estimates to just under two weeks. At the time of writing this the Chromecast $35 dongle can be found from Google’s store and will ship by September 3rd, which isn’t too bad, but Best Buy has them beat.

After going out of stock within a day of being offered, then occasionally reappearing for a few moments it looks like today the big box retailer finally has plenty of stock. Not only does have the Chromecast in stock with 1-day shipping (get it tomorrow or Saturday) but they still seem to be offering the 3 months of free Netflix as well.

Google canceled the 3 month Netflix deal after the device started selling like hot cakes, but for whatever reason Best Buy is still offering that promo, at least according to their online store. So, if you’re local shop doesn’t have any and you’d rather not wait 2-3 weeks or longer from Google Play or Amazon, get one from Best Buy right this moment. Better hurry though, they won’t last long.

VIA: Best Buy

  • Mark Stevenson

    Says sold out online, wont allow to even add to cart

    • AlgoSnarfVapidHeatCiderr iTard

      same here…

      • wow.. That didn’t last long. I got two at least šŸ˜‰

        Sorry folks!

  • Big B

    you got the only 2 Cory… LOL I guess I will continue to wait to see if Google or Amazon will send it first.

  • trg1408

    Damn I feel lucky, got mine on the 27th last month at best buy and it was my birthday, it was the last one, who knew it would sell out so quickly, don’t worry about the wait many fixes needed and tweaks!

  • zeneight

    Thanks! Ordered the max of 3 today (Aug 23) off Google Play, with a Sep 3 delivery date.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Sucks! It should be max one per customer! Out of stock again!!!!!!