Chrome Remote Desktop now available for Android

April 16, 2014

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Accessing your desktop computer form anywhere just got a lot easier, as Chrome Remote Desktop has left the closed beta program and launched publicly. Currently available on the Play Store, CRD lets you access your computer from any Android device. It’s a neat workaround for remote access, and like Chrome — crosses platforms.

It works pretty simply — download the apps for Chrome and Android (via the Play Store and Chrome Web Store, links below), setting it up on the desktop first. A security code is given for authorization to access your computer, which must be referenced back to your mobile device. From there, it’s smooth sailing, and your Android device acts like a full-fledged remote access point for your computer.

We will caution that CRD asks that you allow some things you may not have been utilizing in the ability to allow devices to access your computer remotely. The Chrome Remote Desktop app for Chrome does a good job of walking you through it all, but keep in mind you may want/need to enable and disable features each time you wish to use it.

In toying with it early on, it definitely looks the part. We are able to use the same gestures as we would with a laptop trackpad, so it really looks as though Google has done their diligence with this one. For those looking to access a computer from the road, this might be the solution. We’ll be sure to bring you more news on this as it develops.

Source: Play Store, Chrome Web Store

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  • Jason Williams

    Can I do the same thing straight from my browser? Without the android device? Operating a desktop with a phone is a pretty crappy experience.

  • projectprivasy

    I am facing slightly a different problem. I have been successful in installing the Chrome extension and completing the process of enabling remote access. The problem is the Android app on my phone and tablet doesn’t recognize the PC no matter what I do. I just get a blank screen with Network error. Any help?