In case you’ve been wondering, yes we are live at CES 2012. Getting near zero sleep and tons of gadgets to play with I’d call it tiring bundles of fun. Today’s had plenty of excitement from the world of Android. In case anyone missed it Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer Prime is actually available today — not the 12th. More details below.

I’ll start with our link to our sister site SlashGear — as we’ve got all of our coverage plastered on their front page. For any and all things CES click here. ASUS and NVIDIA had a strong day of announcements and more will be coming shortly. They just announced a new Android 4.0 7″ tablet rocking the Tegra 3 quad-core for only $249. AT&T will be getting a pair of 4G LTE devices from Pantech in the 8″ waterproof Pantech Element and the equally waterproof Pantech Burst Android 2.3 smartphone.

Like we said above Android 4.0 is available via an update for the Prime starting today. The popular shooter Shadowgun that we love here at Androi Community is getting full multi-player support and looks incredible.

Again all of our coverage can be seen at our CES 2012 Portal, and more is available over on SlashGear.

  • Jacklangston180

    i cannot wait for ice cream sandwich to come out stable for HTC HD2

  • Asd

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  • @asd wtf r u talking about?  you are in the wrong place
    @the rest of ya’ll ICS on prime rocks! just got mine updated today and the browser speed is the best improvement ive seen so far, so fast and fluid. sweet animations, great effects cant wait to explore more.

  • Get CES 2012 update

  • rose

    I think the CES is pretty neat. I was sad I wasn’t able to go this year, but working for DISH I was able to play around with their new product the Hopper. I loved the PrimeTime Anytime feature it had to offer. I will get to watch all my shows on the networks that air on prime time and it won’t take away from my 250 hours of HD recording time that is available. I cannot wait to get my hands on this receiver. It will be the perfect receiver for my family. CES seemed like it had a lot of neat gadgets to offer this year.