CCleaner for Android coming soon to clean your smartphone

March 8, 2013

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As many of you probably know, CCleaner has been one of the most popular and successful file and cache cleanup programs in the world of PC's and laptops. Whether you're on Windows or a Mac the free CCleaner removes unwanted and leftover temporary files, cache, and cookies that build up over the months and years on a PC. Today Piriform confirmed they're working hard on an Android version.

Any PC enthusiast has probably used the program in the past, and CCleaner has been a staple in this category for computers users for years and years. Now they're happy to confirm that the official app CCleaner Android is under heavy development and should be coming soon. There's tons of these currently available, but it will be great to see someone like Piriform finally release their own.

Today in a blog post they confirmed that they've heard the requests from Android users, and they are hard at work getting ready to deliver CCleaner for Android. Then the developers mention it's still currently a work in progress, but that the latest version going through the testing phase is performing extremely well and they are happy with how it looks.

"As with CCleaner for PC and Mac, CCleaner for Android will be quick and easy to use. And with its one-click cleaning, will help keep your Android devices running like new!"

So far all we have is the teaser image provided above, and they haven't given a release date at this time. On closer look you can see simple one-click buttons for Clean History, Clean Cache, and what appears to be Clean SMS/MMS as well as many others. Just like on a PC you'll be able to choose what to clean and clear, and do so with the tap of a button. CCleaner is highly respected in the PC world, and we'll update when we hear more on their Android app.

[via Piriform]

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  • Now this will be a great app.

  • Manny Subia

    I’m definitely looking forward to this release

  • Nathan Woollaston

    What an absolute load of ****.
    If you are excited by this you need to learn. Quickly.
    This will be used by people who also use task killer apps on Android version 4.x and higher.
    Snake oil.

    If you know Android you already know you don’t need this.

    Completely pointless.

    Slow day AC? Some seriously tedious ‘stories’ today…

    • I know android and a cache/registry cleaner would still be excellent

      • Defg

        Well, a cache cleaner is built in.

    • j o

      “Won’t be giving it away”

      As they offer free downloads of the PC counterpart.

    • Lol I had a feeling this would get a few replies like yours. I agree, I don’t use a task manager and no one should…

      Most likely the app will be free though, for those interested.

      Oh and maybe we need to do a disk defrag too 😉 kidding

    • Jarrod Bush

      Actually this is needed. When flashing ROMS there is potential for many leftover files and leftover bits and pieces. Many duplicate files can also accumulate over time and without an app like this you may not be able to find these. It’s free for the PC so it may be free for Android as well. However, Clean Master does this for free and has a similar interface to the teaser photo above. I used it last night and freed up .5 GB of useless files. FStrim is also a useful app and really speeds up your Android phone. It has been in Linux for quite some time. My guess is you actually don’t know as much about Android as you think you do.

      • Nathan Woollaston

        (Why start j ing off about lagfix btw? No one mentioned it. That does do something a normal user can’t do themselves. But the difference is barely noticeable on this years speedy phones. I’ve got it. Use it. Don’t especially rate it.)

        If you are flashing ROMs you certainly don’t need this app. And why would you presume I don’t?
        Snake oil.

        Why get excited about this app? All in a name.
        Clean cache? Clean history and sms. Yawn.
        My mum can do that without a bs app.

        AC find some real news.

      • The other 20 from today not enough? Lol. I’m not sure why this post has you so mad

      • Nathan Woollaston

        Because you should maybe be focussing on quality over quantity as a news portal?
        And not hawk bs, non apps because of a press release email and/or favor.

      • lol. “non apps” this is real and coming from Piriform themselves. Relax buddy and go read Engadget

    • The Poster I Reply to is Dumb

      lol You don’t have a computer, do you?

      You really think that CCleaner is a task manager? Sad.

      Go buy a REAL computer, not a Mac. Then get back to us. <3

    • Chris

      stupidest. comment. ever.

  • It;s called ACCleaner, I used if for 3 years on my EVO, so not really new

    • j o

      Completely different app. Same principle, different BETTER branding.

  • Great app.let me know when it gets here. Thanks again.

  • U know that a laptop is a PC, sometimes stretching a story isn’t all that alot of people including me look 4 redundancy so chop it were needed, just though i would point out this semi-ERROR thank 4.ur stories

  • O bye the way the app is on my laptop or pc

  • Hey Mitch it is a good app already on our laptops or PC!

  • Yes!

  • enzofloc

    Must have custom cleaning option. No other cleaning app seems to.

  • olenoir

    i wannnnnnnttt thisss arhhhh…. XD