Camera Awesome is a name we suspect some Android users may not be familiar with. But on the flip side, it has been one of the more highly rated iOS apps. Camera Awesome originally launched for the iPhone back in 2012 and has since come available for the iPad as well. And well, as of today the app has arrived for Android users. Or maybe more specifically, select Android users.

The app is available in the Play Store as of today and SmugMug has it priced at $2.99. The catch here, there is limited device support. Camera Awesome will work on the following devices;

  • Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S III
  • Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Moto X and Motorola DROID RAZR

Notably missing from that group of Nexus devices is the newest on the block, the Nexus 5. SmugMug has said that is “coming soon” but hasn’t offered anything further. In addition, there was mention of the app arriving “soon” in the Amazon Appstore with support for the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and HDX 8.9. Device support and price out of the way, now we can shift over to the features, for those who didn’t leave when they realize they couldn’t actually use the app.


Camera Awesome has the features that should be expected, plus some extras that make it stand above some of the others. There are various shooting modes including high-speed burst, HDR and panorama and the app also has composition guides which help to line up with the “rule-of-thirds” and more. There is also face recognition and tracking as well as the ability to adjust the ISO settings, white balance and exposure.

The app also allows the user to adjust and shoot images and video in multiple resolutions. Camera Awesome also has an anti-shake mode for recording video. Otherwise, once the images have been captured, there is the editing and sharing. Users will be able to crop, rotate, apply effects and even use the “Awesomize” button.

All that having been said, having used Camera Awesome on an iOS device in the past, we are happy to see this arrive for Android users. Now, we can only hope Smug Mug makes good on the promise to bring support for additional devices. Or more to that point, to add additional device support quickly.

SOURCE: SmugMug, Google Play Store

  • MrDivaNYC

    OoOoh! BBM me so we can share pics and Vids with this new app: 7B725FA9

  • NachoKingP

    Oh my. I didn’t go via the link to the Play Store, but just went right there and searched for “Camera Awesome” and the Books results were most certainly NSFW! Is there some way to filter results like that out of searches? I don’t want nudes popping up on my work computer…

  • MrDivaNYC

    If they think I am going to pay $2.99 for this , they must be SADLY mistaken! I’ll wait for it to hit the BlackMarket! I only download FREE Premium apps. I don’t pay for nothing! LoL

    • Fidelator

      Get the fuck out, shit like you ruins the public image of android and hurts the ecosystem.

      • MrDivaNYC

        NO YOU GTFO! LOL. Then I guess the entire Android Community image is ruined, because NO ONE intelligent buys apps for outrageous prices. WAKE UP! What’s so special about an App, that I must pay $3.00 for it? It does the same thing that Camera 360 and many other HQ apps do… takes a damn picture, using the INTERNAL Camera of the device!

        Now applications that deal with the System and HD maintenance, I DO recommend paying for, but not this junk. So go back to your iOS and iPhone love-land, where they pay for everything! If people want to know where to get blackmarket apps from just hit me up! I’ll GLADLY tell you! You never have to pay for anything ever again!

  • Bo

    shitty app, why should I pay $2.99 for an app that can do nothing better than photo+ and with a ugly IOS UI?

  • MrDivaNYC

    i was able to get Camera Awesome FREE . If yall would like it, just email me for the link asap: And you too can start enjoying Camera Awesome I’m @ i will just send you the apklink. It’s about 40MB’s.