Excited for the new Google Music, but can’t stand the thought of waiting a few days to get your mobile MP3 on? The fire up your Google+ app and hit up a friend for some recommendations. If you follow Google Music link from within the Google+ app, you can purchase music directly from the Android Market – no PC required.

Support is still spotty, as this is a workaround. Once in the music section Android Market, you can’t search or go back without getting the boot, or at least out guinea pig couldn’t. But the purchase will go through using the same source as your app, movie and book purchases, instantly syncing to Google Music’s services and available through the Google Music app on your phone. You can even review the songs or albums you download.

According to Google, a new version of the Android Market should start pushing out in the next few days with all of the content promised in their LA presentation. In the meantime, US music fans can still rock out using the web version of the Market, and your songs will appear in the Google Music app, just as promised. What are you waiting for? Get to it, all you cool cats out there in Internet land!

  • TechGuy-Tech

    Shame a lot of us can’t use this as we’re not in North America.

  • NewDroid

    Doesn’t seem to be available in Canada either. can’t get the google music app at the play store and there is not link to it in the G+ app like this article says there should be.

  • clodaghxx123

    hahah i dont no how to do this awww

  • Zig23!

    Would be nice if when you bought a song in the google play store on your phone you had the option to put it right on the phone instead of waiting for when you got home to drag the song into the phones storage.